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1. which term emotes 'Palestinian Wig.?
2, What is called the member of thelargest ethnic 9rouP Carnbode7
3. Name the first tourist in space?
4. Which tree is known as Crying Tree?
5. Baghalchur area of Dera Ghazi Khan is famous for
6. Term the upsurge in racial and political intolerance in Western Europe of the early 1990s?
7. Alfred Bernhard Nobel started Nobel Prize. To which country did he belong?
8. When did first women compete in Olympic Games?
9. What was Pan-Islam, originated in 1880 in Ottoman Empire?
10. Paper was invented in about 3500 BC. Who invented the paper first?
11. What those laws are called that God gave to Moses (Musa)?
12. Titanic struck an iceberg and sank during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City, USA in the North Atlantic. Mention the date?
13. What is Tour de France?
14. Series of scandals in America 1972 involving President Richard Nixon and his administration is called:
15. Where the "Golden River" flows?
16. Name the eminent leader of Pakistan movement who in 1949 took over as the first governor of Punjab and later on became the president of Pakistan Muslim League
17. Famous bridge Golden Gate is located in:
18. The earth's rotation on its axis is from West tc East. Mention the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere?
19. Where the Red Square is located?
20. Christopher Columbus discovered Americas. To which country did belong?
21. Which countries share the water of Caspian Sea?
22. Which of the following is known as The Bible of English Constitution ?
23. When was the second Islamic Summit conference held in Lahore, while the first was held in 1969 at Rabaat?
24. What the female astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel discovered?
25. The lens at the end of the compound microscope is called objective. What was first seen by compound microscope?
26. Name the king whose revenue minister was Todar Mal?
27. The study, theory, and practice of prison management and criminal rehabilitation is called
28. What is the length of India China border?
29. Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960. When was it divided into two parts -Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Greek Cyprus?
30. Taxidermy is the art of stuffing of birds and animals and Philately is
31. Who became the first black president of South Africa, his party was banned in 1961 and he was given life imprisonment?
32. 'Amal' is radical Lebanese Shi'ite military force. Who established it in 1970s?
33. Term the belief that women subordination to men should be end?
34. Mention the nickname of atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945?
35. "Balfour Declaration" helped to form the basis for the foundation of Israel in 1948. This letter was prepared in March 1917. When was it issued?
36. Who founded Buddhism in India?
37. What is bootlegging?
38. What is cartography?
39. When did Challenger's, one of 4 space shuttle programme of NASA, two astronauts become the first human beings to fly freely in space?
40. Which religion Chinese people practise?
42. The word dinosaur means `terrible' Lizard. The heaviest dinosaur was of 51 tons and 24 m from head to tail. Name it?
43. Greenwich Mean Time was established in
44. What is called agricultural trend that has greatly increased crop production in Pakistan, India, and Turkey?
45. What is called the killing of nearly six million Jews by Nazis in Second World War?
46. Name the youngest elected president of USA.
47. Homer was the greatest poet of the language namely:
48. Research and study that are closely related to history are called:
49. The first long distance telephone line was installed in 1884:
50. The wireless telegraphy was pioneered in 1894 by:
51. In which language the Holy Qur'an was first translated?
52. "Shadow Cabinet" is:
53. USA consists on how many states?
54. Which is the largest state (Population Wise) of India?
55 Name the economist whose theory of population describes that population increases faster than the means of support?
56 Which country suffered the maximum in World War II?
57 'Naxalites' movement is in
58. Which of the following states share the water of "Aral Sea"?
59. "Fire Temple" is the place of worship for
60. Which of the following American Presidents has remained in office for more than 12 years?
61. Which of the following terms may be used for a court case that is under consideration?
62. The first Nobel prizes were awarded on:
63. Where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896?
64. Who was the President of USA during World War I?
65. New Zealand was the first country in the world i to grant women the right to vote, in 1893, but women did not get the right to run for the New Zealand legislature until:
66. East Timor was the colony of Portugal before Indonesia's occupation. When Indonesia captured it?
67. When Taiwan separated from China?
68. On Minicoy Island which pair of countries have dispute?
69. In which battle English won and later captured Lahore?
70. Chachnama was originally Awritten in
71. The Muslim leader who advised the Muslims not to participate in the meetings of all India National Congress was
72. Canada's Mr. Arnold Smith was the first secretary general of:
73. What are "Negroid", "Mongoloid", "Aryan", and the "Caucasian"?
74. Which of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound?
75. The acid rain destroys vegetation because it contains
76. The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with
77. Who is the founder of Wikipedia?
78. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through
79. Which gas is used in decoration lighting?
80. The first wide area network fibre optic cable was installed in 1978 in:
81. With which the filament of an electric bulb is made? Ilit
82. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the American people from which country?
83. The faction Ulster Unionists wants to retain British rule in:
84. The Monroe Doctrine was intended to:
85. In which year Suez Canal was nationalized?
86. One Horse Power is equal to watts?
87. Who gave the idea of "Peaceful co-existence"?
88. Who introduced the principle of the Doctrine of Lapse?
89. Who is called the "Man of Iron and Blood"?
90. The only US President who elected president of US for four times?
91. With which war is the name of Florence Nightingale associated?
92. UAN stands for:
93. Which is the most populous state in the USA?
94. Which is the largest area wise state in the USA?
95. Democracy Wall is located in:
96. Archaeologists in Israel have discovered 20000 years old village under the mud of:-
97. Blind Dolphins are found in which river of Pakistan?
98. President of USA during the Gulf War?
99. During the Second World War, which of these islands was awarded George Cross?

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