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1: Antonym of Pacify
2. Synonym of Ebb:
3. Antonym of Nutntious:
4. Select the correct spelled word
5:The public are cautioned______________ pickpockets
6. A floppy disk contains
7. Which of the following have low failure rate?
8. Micro processors were introduced first time in:
9. Which is odd one?
10. 1 kb is equal to
11. Which term is related to database,
12. Who built the first Mechanical Calculator,
13. Which type of software is an operating system?
14. The first microprocessor built by the intel corporation was called
15. A bus with 32 data line can transport how many bits at a time
16. Who was the first writer of 'Wahi' in Quraish?
17. Prophet (PBUH) stayed in Ayub Ansari (RA) house for
18. Height of Hazrat Adam (AS) was
19. After how many days the aqeeqah ceremony of Prophet (PBUH) was held
20. Islamic official seal started in
21. Jewish tribe of Banu nuzair expelled from madina in
22. Baitul mamoor is on:
23. Who established department of police?
24. Total number of surah in last parch is
25. Who was the adopted son of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
26. Sheesh (AS) passed away at the age of
27. For how many months Hazrat Hassan (RA) remained khalifa?
28. The Grave of Prophet (PBUH) was prepared by
29. Ashab-e-Kahf slept for how many years
30. Which sahabi home was was used as the center of secret preaching by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
31. Who was the first father in law of Prophet (PBUH)?
32. Abdul Mutlib died in
33. Abu-al-hikm is the title of
35. Cave of Hira is ____________ km from Makah
36. Hunza become the part of Pakistan in ____________
37. Who was the first emperor of China?
38. The river Thames is located in ________________
39. Warsak dam is located at
40. The first sectary general of UNO was ____________
41. Afghanistan is located in:
42. Taksim square is in ______________
43. Who is known as the founder of the modern Turkey?
44. The oldest news agency in the world is:
45. The Atom bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima in _______________________
46. Pakistan population is equivalent to __________ of the total world population
47. Area wise the largest province of Pakistan is
48. The author, the Emergence of Pakistan is
50. Oldest mountains of the world are present in India and youngest mountains of the world are present in?
51. Towards new Pakistan has been written by
52. All Political Parties of India called an All parties conference which was challenged by
53. Which country helps Pakistan to complete steel mills?
54. Which newspaper was founded by Quaid-e-Azam?
55. Ojhri camp was an:
56. Which country has the largest irrigation system in the world?
57. Who appointed General Muhammad Azad Khan as Rehabilitation commissioner?
58. When the office of speaker is vacant who acts as a speaker?
59. The fsettee newspapers Comrade and Hamdard were launched by
60. Whose claim made the Muslim something more than a community, a nation?
61. In Indian provincial elections 1937, the Congress emerged in power in how 'many Provinces?
62. The largest spoken regional language of Pakistan is
63. Sukkur to Quetta Highway is also called
64. ARY stands for
65. The Simla Conference of 1945 failed due to
66. Choose the word that means the opposites or most nearly the opposite of the given word demolish
67. Find the word that is misspelled
68. Augment is most similar to
69. Which word means the same as oration?
70. Choose the word that means the opposite or most nearly the opposite of the given word: competent
71. Choose the word that has the same or nearly the same meaning of the given word enigma
72. Her remarks were not taken seriously by anyone on the nominating committee.
73. Rizwan _____________ a plan to become a millionaire by age thirty
74. Commendable Is most similar to
75. Vindictive is most similar to
76. Choose the word that has the same of nearly the same meaning of the given word Intimate •
77. Choose the sentence that contains a misspelled word
78. Analogies fallacy misconception fact ___________
79. Find the word that is misspelled
80. The project seemed both ________________ and beneficial, and the committee supported it enthusiastically.
81. Maximum number of columns can be inserted in MS Word table
82. Which the type cannot be attached with email.
83. Shortcut key to insert current time in any cell of excel worksheet
84. The term used in Power Point when clipart changes direction of faces,
85. Verification of a login name and password is known as
86. Which of the following is a correct format of email address
87. What is the name for the program that is specifically made for email checking?
88. The internet was originally project of a government agency named?
89. The link between to devices and system board is provided by
90. In Ms excel horizontal cell name after Z cell is
91. Which of the following statement is false?
92. The dominant body of economic thinking, economic method and economic style in the period
93. The persistent increases in the general level of prices is known as:
94. Pick the odd one out.

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