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1. Which is the largest (Longest river of Asia)
2. Hockey was first played in
3. Word 'Tsunami' belongs to language
4. Which country is the largest contributor of UNO's budget
5. The Main Centre of Tamil activities in Sri Lanka is:
6. Which country's constitution is not in written form
7. Antra is a news agency of
8. The first satellite send by USA in space was
9. Where is present world's largest Great Corel Reef?
10. UNO called a decade of from 2004 to 2014
11. Gandhara Art centre was situated between
12. Etymology is a science of
13. Which country has oldest anthem
14. Which day is observed on 15 May every year
15. Who was the first viceroy of India?
16. Where iiie world's largest road tunnel is located
17. One ton is equal to
18 World Wide Web was invented by
19. In 1893 the Durand line agreement was signed by king of Afghanistan
20. Pakistan day is observed on
21. Which is the most element present in the Universe?
22. Who is the father of computer?
23. Spartly islands are disputed between China and
24. Which organization is the oldest
25. Silicon Valley is the region in Santa Clarita country of California is famous because of c
26. Which is the oldest disease of world
27. Which continent is without glaciers
28. Which is the largest search engine of internet?
29. Which country produces largest solar energy in the world?
30. Braille system of education is introduced for
31. Fkhara dam disputed between India and
32. Nightwatch painting is painted by
33. Which country is used more coal in the world?
34. World’s largest bird's name
35. ATM stands for
36. First Muslim winner of Noble Prize
37. What is meant by Archipelago
38. Helvatia is the old name of
39. Kagali is capital of
40. Algebra was introduced by
41, After Pukhtun in Afghanistan which is the biggest group of race
42. Which country's religion is Shintoism
43. "Playground of Europe"
44. What is a Big Ben
45. Which country was discovered by Abe, Tasmen?
46. Where is great sandy desert located
47 India is constructing a Kishan Ganga dam on the river:
48. Boshphours connects the Black sea with
49. What is the main cause of global warming?
50. Where is the head office of world economic forum?
51. What is the total perido of Ottoman Empire?
52. When objective resolution became the part of institution first time.
53. Harrapa is situated on the bank of
54 Who was father of sociology
55. What is total strength of Supreme Courtjudges in Pakistan?
56. There is no restriction in Deen (Islam) is a verse of
57. Which Pakistani Prime Minister died during his office?
58. The poet who was prisoned
59. Nightingate, Florence was a British
60. Napoleon Bonaparte (Nick name little corporal) was a
61. Where is Waterloo situated?
62. Bismark (known as man of blood and iron) was
63. What is term 'Holocaust' means
64. Haayat Jawaid was written by Altaf Hussain Hall about the life of:
65. Which is not the book of Allama lqbal?
66. The English poet who died in his young age
67. Paradise Lost was written by
68. Novel War and Peace was written by
69. Who is the author of 'Clash of Civilization'
70. Where is Kremlin situated?
71. Napoleon was died at
72. Period of House of Representative of USA
73. Rhinoceros found in Africa is a
74. Muslim League' was created at
75. The US president who assassinated during his office
76. Rice is cultivated in
78. Chenab and Jhelum join each then at the place
79. Where nights and days are equal all the year
80. The world oldest space station is
81. British declared Palestine as a place for Jews settlement in
82. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is situated at
83. When water accord between the provinces was concluded
84. Which month is called the brother of March?
85. The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea are joined by:
86. Babri Mosque was situated at Mosque was demolished in 22 December 1992
87. Wars of crusade started in
88. Book "Macbeth" was written by
89. Who built Bala Hisar Fort?
90. Banbhor is located near
91. Main source employment in Pakistan
92. Which country has largest Army?
93. Which book can contains poems "Shikwa" "Jawab-e-Shikwa"
94. Who is the President of USA during First World War?
95. Which is the largest state of India accords to population.
96. ERRA Stands for
97. C.R. formula was presented by
98. Largest Muslim Country in Africa by population is
99. Highest literary rate in SAARC
100.Largest Producer of in OPEC