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1. Which among the following is the largest ocean of the World?
2. Who is believed to the builder of Badshahi Mosque?
3. Terbela Dam is on which river?
4. Which among the following country is divided into two continents?
5. Total bones in human body are?
6. Gobi Desert is located in which country?
7. Tiger wood is player of sport?
8. How many Nishan-i-Haider have been awarded to air force?
9. Who was the first to invent Airplane?
10. In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded Sindh?
11. Prostration is obligatory in the Holy Quran, for how many times?
12. Where is Waterloo situated?
13. LCM stands for?
14. WHO, headquarter is located in?
15. Who was the successor of Zaheer-ud-Din Babar?
16. Qutb-ud-Din Abek died in 1210 while playing?
17. What is the designation of Antonia Guetress in UN
18. Former Secretary General Kofi Anan of United Nations belonged to which country?
19. The birds who feed marine food remove salt one of glands?
20. How many years the Grand Father of Holy Prophet assumed the responsibility of the Holy Prophet?
21. Which of the gland produces bile?
22. What was the name of Mother of Allama lqbal?
23. Regional Cooperation for Development was renamed in 1985?
24. Who was to develop the design of the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam?
25. Which among the following is not member of UNO?
26. Where does the United Nation Commission on Human Rights meet and for how long?
27. Which river flows under west minister Abbey Bridge.
28. Which Viceroy is known as penultimate viceroy of the sub-continent?
29. How many days Hazrat Younis remained in the abdomen of fish?
30. How many are great lakes in the world?
31. Which crop is known as Kharif Crop?
32. Among US Presidents Donald Trump stands?
33. Which is the longest river of the world?
34. Which among the following is correct combination of all three economic growth indicators?
35. You cannot have your and eat it?

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