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1. On September 9, 1958, Pakistan acquired Gwadar from:
2. Which of the following is the smallest planet in our Solar System?
3. Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore, where Minar-e-Pakistan is located, was previously called:
4. Hijaz mountains are found in:
5. Fill in the blank: "Lay something for the rainy day."
6. Who is the current Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology?
7. Name the Prophet who introduced the science of astronomy?
8. French president Emmanuel Macron belongs to which political party?
9. As knife is to cut then shave is to
10. Where Bahadur Shah Zafar was taken by Britishers after the conquer of Delhi?
11. Pakistan's permanent representative in the United Nations is:
12. In MS Word 2016, 'Cover Page' option is available in:
13. In MS Excel 2016, =Now O is used:
14. Where was All India Muslim League founded in 1906?
15. Who is the author of the Book "Gulliver's Travels"?
16. In PowerPoint 2016, 'Rehearse Timings' option is available in:
17. The Act of 1909:
18. Safi-Ullah is the title of:
19. Among the following, which one is the world's most populous city in terms of metropolitan areas?
20. Fill in the blanks: "New legislation in the Assembly but it by many." c
21. EBDO was promulgated by Ayub Khan in 1959. What does EBDO stand for?
22. A Word template stores common document:
23. For how many years, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) (Khatam-un-Nabiyeeen) remained under the care of his grandfather?
24. What was the age of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) when Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S) was born?
25. Who is the only person in Pakistan to have served as Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan?
26. In which city, office of FIFA house is situated in PakiStan?
27. Line of Actual control (LAO) is a disputed border-line between:
28. If sum of two numbers is 30 and their difference is 8, what is their product?
29. Among the following battles, the the: number of Huffaz-e-Ouran were manirtayxrienidunlin
30. The Synonym of "Inquest" is:
31. Which river is called the -Nile of Pakistan"?
32. Neil Alden Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon died on
33. "Ring of Fire" refers to the ring of volcanoes present in
34. Karam-un-Katibin means:
35. Which area in an excel window entering values and formulas?
36. What was the real name of Tipu Sultan?
37. The International Atomic Energy Acency has its Headquarters in:
38. Which one is a famous city of Turkey?
39. was formed in 1922 under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.
40. If 4 = 8, 5 = 15, 6 = 24 then 7 = ?
41. Correct the following sentence by identifying the right option:- Do you like dogs? Yes, I like.
42. The Khunjerab Pass connects Pakistan with
43. Khanpur Dam is built on which river?
44. Number of Jamarat is:
45. Quaid-e-Azam addressed the Constituent Assembly for the first time on:
46. Think of a number, divide it by 4 and add 9 to it. If the result is 15, what is the number?
47. In MS Excel 2016, 'Conditional Formatting' option is available in____________ menu.
49. Who is the current Governor of Balochistan Provinces?
50. Sassi Punnu, is n known legend of:
51. Sultan Azian Shah Cup is related to which Sports?
52. Please fill in the blank: "Mother is preparations for Eid."
53. In MS Word 2016, which shortcut key is used to view a "Print Preview" of a document?
54 How many chromosomes do people normally nave?
55. (4 x 3 + x 6) / (18 x 22) = ?
56. Synonym of "Cheeky" is:
57. Caracas is famous city of:
58. Which province at first, introduced law to chock animal diseases?
59. He is knocking _____________ the door.
60. Which one of the following is a positive square root of 2209?
61. Vyborg Historic Center is locatod on:
62. Mac is a/an:
63. By converting 142.5% into decimal, answer lop will be:
64. Trachoma is a disease of the:
65. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan when our first Constitution of 1956 was adopted?
66. In February 1949, Government of Pakistan formed a committee to prepare Pakistan's National Anthem. people competed to write the National anthem out of which Hafeez iala ndhari's lyrics were selected as the national anthem of Pakistan.
67. Which of the following countries is not a member of BR1CS (association of newly emerging economies)?
68. Broad peak is the ______________ highest mountain in Pakistan.
69. What was the name of boat of Hazrat Nuh
71. The term 'Horticulture' means study of
72, Complete the series: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63,
73. Light travels at ___________ miles per second?
74. Who was the founder of Khilji Dynasty?
75 The British sent Cripps Mission to India chiefly with a view to:
76. The beginning of the Mughal Empire is dated to the victory by Babar over:
77. "Adobe flash" is an example of:
78. Photosynthesis in plants takes place faster in:
79. Bhikki Power Plant is located in District:
80. Complete the series: 2, 4,10, 28
81. Spratly Islands' in the South China Sea are disputed between China and:
82. Vladimir Lenin translated into Russian the Marx and Engel's famous political work:
83. Fill in the blank. He went direction of the post office.
84. The longest International border in the world is:
85. Pakistan is connected to Afghanistan via:
86. Which of the following international Organizations has no forma! structure?
87. 2^5 means:
89, Physiotherapy deals with

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