PMS General Knowledge Paper 2006

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1. Which of the following Russian's oil and gas company which provides oil and gas to European countries?
2. Which one of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?
3. Which is the largest planet?
4. What was the main reason of disqualification of Arial Sharon for office of Prime Minister of Israel?
5. Which of the following vessels of blood carry blood from different parts of the body to heart
6. What are the two seas linked by Suez Canal?
7. Diego Garcia is a
8. In which year European rulers captured Palestine from the Muslims in Crusade War?
9. What is Kremlin?
10. A mass of ice originating in mountains in snowfields above the snowline is called
11. What is the diameter of earth?
12. What is the freezing point of heavy water?
13. How many satellites (moons) of Saturn planet?
14. Which of the following died of natural death?
15. What is Ivy League?
16. Every action has reaction which are equal but in opposite direction". This law is called
17. Who is the current president of France?
18. First ambassador of Pakistan to UNO was:
19. Which of the following country is not the member of G-8?
20. Hepatitis is a viral disease of
21. Talban's movement was started in 1994 from which city of Afghanistan?
22. Which cities of Iran and Pakistan are linked through railway line?
23. Haifa is the Seaport of
24. Head office of UNESCO is located
25. What is the main cause of earthquakes?
26. Digital Divide term is related with:
27. In which year Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was established?
28. Who is the author of the book "Struggle for Pakistan"?
29. Which is the third founder member of ECO (RCD) except Pakistan and Iran?
30. How many zeros are there in one trillion?
31. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
32. What is the name of the place where World Trade Centre (USA) was located?
33. Coming 10th Conference of ECO will be held in 2009 in:
34. What is meant by Amicus Curiae?
35. What is "Nuclear Fission'?"
36. The Muslim people of Sinkiang province are called:
37. A group of Christianity that emphasizes the authority of the Bible and the importance of personal salvation through faith is called
38. Litani River is located in which country?
39. What is "Ikebana"?
40. Cestapo was the secret police organization of:
41. Which flower is the national floral symbol of Pakistan?
42. Diabetes is a disease of
43. Which of the following colours are primary colours?
44. Which of the following wonders of world is situated in Iraq?
45. What is the main cause of failure of Pakistan India Iran gas pipeline project?
46. What is Pariah state?
47. The term Track-I "Diplomacy" is used for:
48. Which is the oldest stock exchange of the World?
49. Pakistan State Bank started working on 1st July 1948 with the help of Rs:
50. Al-Hilal newspaper is associated With:
51. Which of the following country gave the right of monarchy to women by amending the Constitution recently?
52. Which of the following inventions is the oldest?
53. What is Holocaust?
54. E=mc2 what is C?
55. Myopia is a defect of vision of the
56. Who is called the Father of Modern Psychology?
57. Who was the first Chief Minister of Punjab province?
58. French Muslim football star Zedane by birth belongs to which Muslim country?
59. What is Choreography?
60. Doctrine of necessity was used in the case for the forest time in the history of Pakistan.
61. AWACS is an abbreviation oF
62. Where is Golden Gate situated?
63. A-writ direct to the person detaining another and commanding him to produce the body of the prisoner at a certain time and place with the day and cause of his caption and detention is called:
64. When the stock market is falling down it is called
65. Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice?
66. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is located at
68. Night blindness is caused by lack of which vitamin?
69. Who is the conqueror of Central Asia?
70. Who is the author of India Wins Freedom?
71. Famous book "A History of God is written by
72. Which of the following countries is situated below the sea level?
73. "The Spirit of lslam" book was written by:
74. Akhori Dam is located in:
75. Taklamakan Desert is located in:
76. Khalil Jibran belonged to:
77. Headquarters of World Economic Forum is situated in
78. Qutab-ud-Din Aibak ruler of sub-continent died while playing the:
79. Babar's tomb is situated in:
80. Babar came to India originally from:
81. Which of the following king's tomb is not situated in sub-continent?
82. Which is the largest state of India?
83. Which of the following woman Prime Ministers has longest tenure?
84. Harry Potter is the famous character of:
85. Chromosomes are:
86. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the human body?
87. Alzheimer's disease in human beings is characterized by the degeneration of:
88. Which of the following civilization are located banks of Tigris?
89. USA film industry Hollywood is located in:
90. Who defeated the Mongols in 14th century?
91. What is the meaning of "Vishnu"?
92. Which is the biggest oil field of Iraq?
93. Who is the current ambassador of Pakistan to USA?
94. Who was the President of USA during World War 1?
95. What will be the total nuclear energy in Pakistan after completing the Chashma nuclear power plant II?
96. Diet is the name of Parliament of the country:
97. In which year Egypt nationalized Suez Canal?
98. Silicon Valley is located in which state of USA?
99. What is "Armageddon"?
100. Salisbury is the old name of:
101. What is H5N1?

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