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1 Prima facie means:
2. Synonym of Impede:
3 I was astonished _______________ his behaviour
4. Pleasure seeker is a Epicurean not a __________________
5 The study_________________ that the largest group of street children in Lahore work as coolies
6. He jumped _________________the train when it was moving.
7. He asked Ali _________________sit down:
8. I have known him__________________a long time:
9. Synonym of Scanty is:
10. Meaning of sub Judi. is'
11. In MS Word one can undo last actions using which key
12 Hyperlink Shortcut key is
13. Macintosh, a personal computer, was developed by.
14. Shortcut to Switch to next worksheet tab in excel is:
15. MS PowerPoint screen goes black by pressing which alphabet on the keyboard:
16. How to Center align text in MS Word:
17. WAN is a type of network, its abbreviation is:
18 GUI stands for:
19. Computer processor can only understand
20 MICR stands for,
21. Which of the following is the name of virus?
22. If x - 4 = 11, what is the value of x - 8?
23. If x is a positive number and x2 + 64 = 100. what is the value of x?
24. A sum of money is to be distributed among A, B, C and D in the proportion of 5 : 2 : 4 : 3. If C gets Rs. 1000 more than D, what is B's share:
25. If 0.75 : x :: 5 : 8 then x is equal to:
26. What is the sum of two consecutive even numbers, the difference of whose square is 84?
27. The sum of squares of three numbers is 138, while the sum of their products taken two at a time is 131. Their sum is:
28. Find the number which when added to itself 13 times, gives 112.
29. If x2 - y2 = 28 and x - y = 8, average of x and y?
30. Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50?
31 A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally he had:
32. 1 inch =
33. If 25% of 250 equals 6.5% of "a" then what is a:
34. Complete the Sequence: 12, 38, 29, 55, 46, 72, ______?
35. Two trains 140 metre and 160 metre long run at the speed of 60 km/hr and 40 km/hr respectively in opposite direction on parallel tracks. What time these will take to cross each other
36. If the arithmetic mean of 6, 8, 10. x, 7 is 8 the value of x will be:
37. First constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on:
38. Who presided the AIML 27th session:
39. Musharaf announced his resignation on:
40. Who of the following was not the supporter of Two Nation Theory:
41. Spirit of Islam is written by:
42. Bala Hisar fort is in:
43. Moeen-ud-din Chisti's tomb is in which city:
44. Who founded the Pakistan Peoples Party:
45. Pakistan, after its creation, adopted the Indian Act 1935 on __________________for the first time
46. The term of a Senator in Pakistan is:
47. Oldest barrage in Pakistan is:
48. Bolan pass is in:
49. The captain of Pakistan in 1954's cricket team was
50. Maysore war was fought in:
51. Total number of senators in the senate are:
52. Each province, in the senate, has how many members?
53. The agreement for line of control was signed in
54. Now and Never pamphlet was published in:
55. Sir Syed established which institution for the purpose of translation of English works:
56. Jamia Milia Islamia is in:
57 Running from Safa to Marwa is called:
58. Awaz e Dost was written by:
59. Change of Qiblah is in which Surah.
60. Musa (A.S) was known as:
61. How many Surahs in the Quran on the names of prophets:
62. How many prostrations are in Quran:
63. The name of first cloned sheep was
64. Sana' is the news agency of:
65. Largest terrestrial animal on Earth is:
66. Earth's surface soil is worn away by which method:
67. _____________ theory focuses on behavior and how behavior can change to achieve survival.
68. London Tower is located on the north bank of the River _________________.
69. NASDAQ is the stock market of America, with its headquarters __________________ in:
70. Beijing is the old name of:
71. Capital of Cambodia is.
72. Sierra Leone is a country in:
73. The current Secretary General of the UN is from:
74. On 9 September 2001, the planes hit which of the following building:
75. Royal Title act 1876 officially recognized Queen Vitoria as:
76. Metonym used for the police force of London is:
77. Mossad is the intelligence agency of:
78. Dokhlam dispute is between India and _______________.
79. Unit of Electric Current is:
80. Renewable sources of energy include:
81. The conversion of gas to liquid is known as:
82. Who among the following is not a NOBEL Laureate:
83. Nelson Mandela died on:
84. Which day was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO:
85. The body of water which separates Southern England from Northern France is called:
86. Naryab Dam is in:
87. According to the population census in 2017, the population of_______________ has increased:
88. IBRD is an institution of:
89. Yellow Journalism means:
90. Opposite of Tawheed is ______________?

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