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1. First Islamic State was established in India in 1206 A.D by.
2. After the war of Independence the British Government assumed control of India through:
3. In 1858 A.D, the person who was appointed the First British Viceroy in India was:
4. The Issue which made Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to conclude that Hihdus and Muslims could not work together anymore was:
5. When was M.A.O. College established in Aligarh?
6. Who prepared Pirpur Report?
7. Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined All India Muslim League in:
8. After Independence the first Radio Station was established in:
9. On 30th December All India Muslim League was established in the city
10. What day is observed internationally on 5th October:
11. The Earth's smallest Ocean is:
12. During the period of One Unit, First Governor of West Pakistan was:
13. The National Bird of Pakistan is:
14. Who presented the `Chenab Formula' to resolve the Kashmir dispute?
15. Pakistan's Standard Time was suggested by:
16. Attock fort was constructed by:
17. How many times umpire Aleem Dar Pakistan was awarded ICC Best umpire award:
18. Which country's Flag is known as Union Jack
19. Third Constitution of Pakistan Was promulgated on:
20. Penicillin was discovered by:
21. What type of acid is used in car batteries?
22. The average weight (in ounces) of Man's brain is':
23. By which organ does a snake hear'?
24. The most populous Islamic country of the world is:
25. Arab League was established in March 1945 with Headquarters in:
26. The length' of the Suez Canal in Kilometers is:
27. When was IMF established?
28. OPEC has Its Headquarter In:
29. The first Republican President of America was:
30. 'Emirates' is an airline of:
31. One square foot is equal to 144sq inches and one meter is equal to:
32. How many bones are there in Human Body?
33. How many times has the Pakistan Hockey Team won Olympic Gold Medal:
34. Light year is a unit of measurement's' of
35. A handwritten message can be instantly transmitted as such to any part of the world through:
36. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy is observed' in:
37. Distant objects can be seen with the help of:
38. The best color(s) for a sun umbrella will be:
39. Total Area of Azad Kashmir is:
40. Who was the First Governor of Punjab from August 1947 to August 1949:
41. The Magna Carta was signed by King John on:
42. 'Thomas Cup' is given in the game of:
43. Pentagon is Defense head office of:
44. Muhammadan Educational Conference was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in:
45. _________________was called the 'Sick Man of Europe:
46. One horse power is equal to:
47. The Capinet Mission announced its plan on:
48. The normal pulse beats in a human body per minute is between:
49. "From Plassey to Pakistan" is a political biography of:
50. World Environment Day is observed on:
51. The name of Parliament of Bangladesh is:
52. Who is current Pakistan's permanent envoy to UNO:
53. China celebrates its National Day every year on:
54. Graeme Smith was a cricketer of:
55. Name the new book, of Hillary Clinton released in 2014:
56. In violation of Indus Basin Water Treaty 1960, India Constructed "Wullar Barrage" on River:
57. Day of Deliverance was observed on:
58. The book "Great Tragedy' was written by:
59. AI-Azhar University is located in:
60. When did Pakistan become member of United Nations?
61. The National Flag of Pakistan was designed by: '
62. The highest Literacy rate among the SAARC countries is in:
63. Boundary between India and China is called:
64. The Badshahi Mosque of Lahore was built by:
65. when did the Pakistan Government approve the National Anthem?
66. The Headquarters of NATO is located in:
67. Who said democracy is "Government Of th, people, by the people, for the people"? –
68. 010 (Organization of Islamic CooperKcr was founded in:
69. What is the number of month Rajab' Islamic Calendar?
70. Hajj is not completed unless you go to:
71. Which country is called 'Land of Mountains'?
72. Second largest religion of the world is
73. 'Downing Street' is famous for
74. The busiest airport of the world is situated in
75. To which country, the news agency 'APP' belong to:
76. Which military award is given by Britain?
77. On which date, Labour day is celebrated?
78. NATO is the abbreviation of:
79. Which Pakistani Scientist was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979?
80. A set of Investments in Stock Market is called:
81. World Bank Headquarter is situated in:
82. In Pakistan, maximum number of newspapers are published In:
83. Where was the first atom bomb used during the Second World War?
84. The 1965 Indo-Pak war lasted for 17 days, give the date on which the ceasefire came into effect:
85. United Nations officially came into existence on:
86. What is the total number of Kalmahs in Islam?
87. The 3rd June Plan announced partition of the subcontinent into:
88. The oath of Governor General was administered to Quaid-e-Azam by:
89. What was the number of Muslim League Ministers in the interim Government of 1946:
90. Which is the largest Dam in Pakistan?
91. Who was the Chairman of the Boundary Commission for subcontinent in 1947?

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