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1. Naive is to Cheat as Gullible is to
2. Compass is used for.
3. Which vitamin s responsible for blood clotting?
4. Which program damages a computer?
5. Who among the following was son of Hazrat Daud A.S?
6. F.M Khan was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. F.M stands for
7. Which among the following was the first airline of Pakistan?
8. Perejil Island is disputed between the following countries.
9. Synonym of Zest:
10. Who among the following wrote A Brief History of Time?
11. What is the color of Cross bar end poles in a football field?
12. Which of the following is a micro blogging site?
13. Tomb of Allama lqbal is located in
14. Which article in the constitution of Pakistan is related to Minority rights?
15. Mid Value between 101-302 of
16. Which organ in the body does malaria affect the most?
17. Deportment means:
18. Scotograph is an instrument for:
19. Ayat-ul-Kursi present in which Surah?
20. Sunan Ibn-e Maja is written by:
21. The police sprayed tear gas _______________ on the proesters.
22. Which country is not a member of OPEC?
23. Eiffel Tower is in,
24. Namaz Eid
25. Rickets is a disease due to deficiency of vitamins. It is related to
26. Solve the following x + y = 22, x - y = 8 what is the value of x.y?
27. Pakistan won its last hockey Olympic Gold in:
28. Who among the following is the current pope of Vatican City?
29. Who among the following was the founder of Central National Muhammadan Association?
30. Who among the following founded PPP?
31. Which among the following was the first International Organization?
32. 1 Horse Power is equal to:
33. Repeated term in a series is called?
34. Which among the following continents has minimum growth rate by population?
35. Who was the first governor general of Pakistan?
36. Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?
37. Which President of Pakistan died in exile?
38. Zahir ud din Babar is buried at:
39. First census in Pakistan was held in:
40. Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal was from:
41. Josiph Titu was president of
42. Croatia is an independent country separated from
43. Federal Investigation Agency was established during the government of
44. 4th Islamic solidarity games were held in
45. In 1970 which Province had maximum population?
46. Likud and Kadima are political parties of
47. Knesset is the parliament of:
48. Berber is a tribe belongs to:
49. Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri in the Battle of Chausa and:
50. Badshahi mosque was built by
51. Oxus River is also known as:
52. Ashton Carter is a former US:
53. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into
54. Emmerson Manangagwa is selected president on 16 Aug 2018 belonged to which country,
55. Anatolia Airport is located in
56.Cape Town is a city of
57. Select the odd one in the series: 14 21 49 65 84
58. Which digit is the odd one? 8, 27, 64, 100 125, 216, 343?
59. Department of Police was developed by which Caliph?
60. 0.8/10 =
61. 30% of which number is 12:
62. Select the capital of Austria?
63. Which Pakistani among the following was awarded with Oscar:
64. Who is the current chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission?
65. Charter Act of _________ was the last Charter act passed for East India Company y states that the Indian territories will remain under the Governance of the company.until the parliament otherwise directed.
67. Who among the following remained viceroy of India from 1943 to 1947?
68. He is indifferent __________ praise and blame
69. The greater the demand ____________ the price
70. Which among the following is a good conductor of electricity?
71. Which among the following is the oldest barrage of Pakistan?
72. Google has it’s headquarter in:
73. Other name of Sukkur Barrage was
74. Shawal is the __________ month of Islamic Calendar?
75. A longsighted person cannot see
76. Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa are in
77. Which area in Excel window allows entering values and formulas.
78. Hazrat Yahya A.S is buried at
79. A rectangular field which is twice as long as it it is broad, has an area of 14450 m2. What is a perimeter?
80. Which of the Surah is preterit in the 11th pars of the Holy Quran?
81. How many columns are there in Excel 2015?
82. Complete the Chinese proverb: "Heaven is high end the __________ is as away."
83. G20 is a group of:
84. ISBN stands for:
85. Pervaiz Musharaf was elected chief of Army Staff on:
86. Which of the following is the largest unit of storage?
87. In Microsoft Windows 7 which among the following is not a gadget?
88. What is the old name of Idara Farogh e Qoumi Zuban?
89. Which of the following river does not make delta?
90. First Civilian martial law in Pakistan ended on
91. Akhtar Hameed khan was associated with
92. The famous "Tennis Court Oath' is associated with:
93. The American Declaration of Independence was written by
94. 'Nippon' is the stock exchange of __________
95. What is 'Brain Drain'?
96. Asiana Airlines" is the airline of which country?
97. 'Blue House' is the official residence of ________________
98. Chennai is the new name of which Indian state?
99. Hamburg is chief seaport of
100. Which country is ahead in coffee production?