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1. __________ pollution control measures are expensive; many industries hesitate to adopt them
2. It is a story of two non functional batches of _____________ armored cars
3. I am pleased to see you
4. I saw him Jump ______________ the wall
5. This cloth is inferior ____________ that
6. Synonym of 'scanty" is:
7. Synonym of "sabotage' is:
8. Synonym of 'rupture' is:
9. Antonym of "roomy" is:
10. Antonym of 'recticent" is.
11. Antonym of 'repugnance' is:
12. The idiom "Break the ice" means
13. The idiom When pigs fly' means:
14. The idiom "Once in a blue moon" means
15. Choose the correct sentence
16. Choose the correct sentence
17. Choose the correct passive voice of Who taught you grammar?'
18. Choose the correct voice of "Why are you telling a lie?"
19. Change the narration "Aitha said, I can play cricket."
20. Change the narration "Saima said, "Two and two make four."
21. 254 x ? 0 x 8 = 95504
22. 256741703 = ? + 180
23. 7m – [3n – {8m - (4n - 10m)}]1= ? (A) 11m - 5n
24. 1 - - [1 – {1 - 1 - 1)}]
25. A farmer divides his herd of cows among his four sons so that first son gets one half of the bend, the second son one-fourth, the third son one fifth and the fourth son 7 cows. the total number of cows in the herd is:
26. 1 pad 3/5 of a bill. If Rs. 400 of the bill in still due, what was the total amount of the bill?
27. A man has in all Rs. 640 in the denominations of one-rupee, five rupee and ten rupee notes the number of each type of notes are equal. What is the total member of notes he has?
28. All went to a shop to buy 50kg of rice He buys two varieties of nee which cost horn Rs. 4 5 per kg and Rs.5 per kg. He appends a total of Rs. 240. What was the quality of cheaper roe bought by him?
29. Which number must be added to 2203 to get a perfect square?
30. The average of the numbers 15, 5, 0, 12.8 is:
31. The average of 6 numbers is 30 If the average of first four is 25 and that of last three is 35, the fourth number is:
32. The average age of 3 friends is 23. Even if the age of the 4th friend is added, the average versions 23. What is the age of 4th friend?
33. America’s 4a president HW Bush died on:
34. When US President Trump 1st term is expiring on
35. Dr. Mahatrhir bin Muhammad the Malaysia politician currently serving as Prime Minister of the country for the
36. G-20 of 2018 Conference was held
37. When separation of Britain from European Union Is due?
38. Saudi Journalist Jamal Kashoggi was killed in
39. US President's maximum tenure can be
40. Presently who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?
41. Who is holding the portfolio of interior Ministry of Pakistan?
42. Who is the current Chairman Senate Pakistan?
43. Which Janam Day (birthday) of Guru Nanak was celebrated by the Sikh Community in November 2018?
44. Which party in UK is currently in power?
45. Which country won the football work! cup 2018?
46. One Belt one road (OBOR) project of China
47. The Predecessor organization of ECO is
48. When the exit of Bntain (BREXIT) from European Union shall be completed?
49. Headquarter of ECO is inhk
50. The current US president belongs to
51. When Indian Film Actress Sri devi died?
52. After Independence the strength of Constituent was raised to
53. Ghulam Muhammad dissolved the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on:
54. Bogra Formula was present in the Assembly by Muhammad Ali Bogra on:
55. The Constitution of 1962 was enforced in the country on:
56. In terms of temperature the hottest place in Pakistan is
57. The most important cash crop of Pakistan after cotton is:
58. What was the contribution of agriculture sector to GDP of Pakistan in 2011-12?
59. In which province Gomal Zam is located:
60. The national bird of Pakistan is:
61. Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:
62. Who is called as Najeeb Ullah?
63. How many stages are there in the Holy Duran?
64. Which religion is the favorite of God according to the Holy Quran?
65. Kalima Astaghfar is the Kalima number:
66. According to the Holly Quran the men of Kahf slept for a period of:
67. In which night Holy Quran was first revealed?
68. Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah (AS) to search for land?
69. The depth of Zam Zam well is
70. Literal meaning of 'Ibices'
71. Among slaves who accepted Islam first of all?
72. The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points, is known as
73. Electric lines of force
74. The times constant of circuit containing capacitance C and resistance R is
75. If two system A and B are in thermal equilibrium with a third system C the a n A and are is thermal equilibrium with each other is is called
76. Which of the following elements is not present abundantly in earth's crust?
77. The main stimulant in tea leaves is e
78. The branch of science which deals with nature of sound and its transmission is called:
79. The study of energy production in living bodies is:
80. Fruits without seed, like banana are called '
81. Silver fish belongs to
82. Vitamin C prevents the disease of
83. Cyclone is:
84. Galico disovered that falling' bodies have same
85. Accessory Gland close to digestive system and duddenums
86. PVC stands for-
87. If 10 people can do a piece of work in 5 days, working 2 hours a day, how long will 2 people take to do the same work, working 5 hours a day?
88. Complete the senes 2, 3, 5, 8, 12?
89. Third shell in an orbit can hold up to
90. The third isotope of hydrogen is called
91. The ozone gas

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