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1. Computer works with the combination of its parts (hardware), we can divide these parts into:
2. In MS Word 2007, you want to create a built-in cover page for your report. You go to the:
3. A __________________ is a data communication system within a building, plant, or campus, or between nearby buildings.
4. In MS Word 2007, if you want to delete one word from right side of the cursor then press:
5. Which of the following is used for weather forecasting?
6. When you are working on a document, by default Word automatically saves your document:
7. In MS Excel, A worksheet range is a:
8. Who invented the World Wide Web (WWW) with Robert Cailiau?
9. Complete the number series: 4, 6, 9, 13, _____________
10. The square of standard deviation is called:
11. If it takes 5 minutes to boil 2 eggs together, how long will it take to boil 10 eggs together?
12. If b = 1 then b3/b2 = ?
13. Which number can be placed at the sign(?) of interrogation, 3,6,15,?,123,366
14. A quantity which does not change is called:
15. A group of 10 students working one hour per day complete a job in 12 days. In how many days will 12 students in group working one hour per day finish the same job?
16. How long will it take 4 men to finish the same job if they work at the same rate?
17. Complete the proverb: "If the ________________ fits, wear it."
18. Choose the correct option: Nida is a(n)___________ student. She reads every page of her textbooks and studies for hours before every test.
19. 'To hit the road' means to:
20. What is the Antonym of Paucity?
21. Fill in the black. Anwar was late________________ work again.
22. Find the correct narration, She asked "How do you know that?"
23. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom: "To plough the sand"
24 Choose the correct meaning of TORQUE:
25. Change the Voice of the following sentence: "He did not repair this pen."
26. Find out odd word from following:
27. The uncharged particle in an atom is called:
28. Acid rain contains high levels of:
29. Which of the following blood vessels carry blood from the human body to the heart?
30. Plants got their Nitrogen from:
31. Rickets in childhood occurs due to lack of
32. Hepatitis is a ________________ disease.
33. The part of the eye that allows us to focus on different things is known as the
34. The northern and the southern hemispheres are separated by:
35. Which of the following country is not included in the Horn of Africa?
36. Where is Tower Bridge located in UK?
37. Which of the following country is located on the equator?
38. Which one is a famous city of Afghanistan?
39 From which country General Hulusi Akar belongs?
40 Who had coined the phrase "Survival of the fittest"?
41 Sukarno was a famous national leader and founder of ____________________
42. The Colosseum and the Forum are right next to each other in:
43. 'Oval cricket ground' is in:
44. Who built the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore?
45. The word Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only:
46. To which Prophet did Jews call the son of Allah?
47. "There is no compulsion in religion (Islam)" is a verse of:
48. In which year did the tragedy of Karbala take place?
49. How many Ahadith were quoted by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A)?
50. Safi-Ullah is the title of:
51. Which Umayyad Caliph ordered compilation of Ahadith?
52. Ushar and Khums are
53. Agatha Christie is well known as:
54. "AFP" is the news agency of ______________
55. During New Year celebrations for 2017 at a club, 39 people were killed in a terrorist attack. In which city did the attack take place?
56. Spin Boldak is in:
57. Total members of the Commonwealth are
58. The Indonesian city of Bandung is famous because of the first Afro-Asian Summit, which was in many ways a precursor to the Non-Aligned Movement. When was the first Afro-Asian Summit meeting held in Bandung?
59. What is the line dividing Republic of Korea and Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, called?
60. Which one of the following was not a part of the republics comprising the USSR?
61 Which one of the following is NOT a Baltic State?
62. Day and night are nearly equal on ________________ in the South Hemisphere.
63. General Yahya Khan introduced the LFO in 1970. What does LFO stands for?
64. Pakistan's National Anthem was approved by the Government in:
65. The results of the election 1945-46 showed:
66. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
67. Who was the Prime Minister when Pakistan's first Constitution was framed?
68. Baglihar Dam was constructed by:
69 Khaksar Movement established by Allama Mashriqi was based in which city?
70. The mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam was designed by:
71 Who was the first Muslim leader to be selected as the President of the Indian National Congress?
72. In which year, Khaksar Movement was established?
73. The First Anglo Mysore War was fought in the year:
74. The Khilafat Movement Started in:
75. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad All Jinnah presented his Fourteen Points in:
76. The stated purpose of the Indian Natiora Congress at its inception was:
77. Corbillon Cup is related with the game of _____________
78. Malakhra is a game played in:
79. The goal post and crossbar of football must be __________________ in colour.
80. _____________ is the world number one team in Football.
81. Rehman Baba' is the famous poet of:
82. In 2016, a seven member Pakistani contingent was refused visa by _________________ and prevented from participating in the World Taekwondo Championship.
83. Which of the following World Leaders m addressed the Parliament of Pakistan Vi so far?4
84. In 2016, a British Sports personality has been knighted (given the title of Sir). Please identify:
85. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation and China Radion International have launched a local transmission of Dosti Channel. What is the number of this channel?
86. What is the motto of Red Cross?
87. When did the British return Hong Kong to China?
88. Doklam is disputed between which of the following two countries?
89. Which organ of the United Nations is considered a universal body, because all UN member states are represented there?
90. The flag of Malaysia carries a crescent and a fourteen pointed star. What do the 14 points of the star represent?