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1. Tick antonyms desicate
2. Tick antonym cavil
3. Tick the correct sentence
4. Hardly had reached the station, the train left
5. The air was clear and fresh, _______________ all the traffic
6. We have full ____________ in him, he will never disappoint us
7. Synonym of "countenance" is
8. Synonym of "petulant" is
9. Synonym of 'august' is.
10. Antonym of "corroborate' is
11. Antonym of 'monotonous' is
12. Antonym of "equivocal" is
13. The idiom "Burn the midnight oil" means is
14. The idiom "make a long story short" means
15. Choose the correct sentence
16. Choose the correct sentence
17. Choose the correct sentence
18. Choose the correct voice of "Someone has picked toy pocket"
19. Change the narration Umar said, “Can I play cricket?"
20. Change the nitration. Rahim said. "We are happy today."
21. The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 37° and that of Tuesday to Thursday was 34°. If the temperature on Thursday was 4/5 of that of Monday, then what was the temperature on Thursday?
22. A train moves with a speed of 30 km/hr for 12 minutes and for next 8 minutes at a speed of 45 km/hr the average speed of the train is
23. 16% of a number is 216. What is 27% of that number?
24. The sum and product of two numbers we 12 and 35 respectively. The sum of their reciprocals will be
25. The sum of one-half, one third and one fourth of a number exceeds the number by 12. The number is.
26. The suns of three consecutive numbers is more than the middle number by 130, then the middle number is.
27. If the difference of two numbers is 3 and the difference of their squares is 39, then the large number is
28. If the product of three consecutive integers is 120, then the sum of the integers is:
29. The number that should be added to both the 2 numerators and denominator of 7 so that fraction becomes is
30. Three numbers are in the ratio 3 4 6 and their product is 1944. The largest of these numbers is
31. The sum of the ages of a father and his son is 100 years now Foe years ago, their ages were is the ratio 2: 1 the ratio of the ages of father and son after 10 years will be
32. X is 36 years old and Y is 16 years in how many years will X be woe as old as Y
33. The sum of the ages of five children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?
34. A is 2 years older than B who is twice as old as C If the total of the ages of A. B, C be 27 is years. Then the age of B is:
35. 15 years hence for the, a man will be just 4 times as old as he was 5 Years ago, His present age is:
36. (1000)9+ 1024 =?
40. If 5' + = 1, then x =?
41. Which American President died in Nov. 2018?
42. In United States, President is elected by
43. Which Malaysian PM served for the longest term?
44. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) recently celebrated its birthday. Which birthday it was?
45. Which political party ruled Sindh for the longest period?
46. Which known Saudi national was recently killed in Turkey?
47. In the Current Syrian Civil War Conflict which country is fully standing With the Syrian Govt?
48. US House of Representative was elected in 2018 for a period of
49. In the US midterm elections of 2018 the Senators were elected for a term of?
50. Who is holding the portfolio of Ministry of Education in the Federal Government?
51. Who is present Secretary General of the UN?
52. Which country won the Women's Hockey World Cup 2018?
53. Who laid the foundation stone of Kartarpur Corridor in Pakistan?
54. When the Kartarpur Corndar will be functional in Pakistan side?
55. FATA was merged with KPK in:
57. When CPEC was signed between Pakistan and China?
58. ECO was established in.
59. British exit from European Union was decided by
60. Headquarters of UNO is in
61. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
62. When was the 18th Amendment Bill passed by National Assembly?
63. Under whom leadership the constitution of 1956 was passed?
64. FATF which was founded to develop politics to combat terror tin tong stands for?
65. In February 2018 Pakistan declined cheap loan offer from which of the following countries/bodies?
66. The first British Governor of Punjab remained in his office during the period
67. The first General Election were held Cl Pakistan in
68. Which political party got landslide victory in the election 01 1970?
69. Zia ul Haq took over on _________ by throwing the constitutional government by . Zulfiqar All Bhutto
70. Liaquat Ali Khan was marty red on
71. ____________ made the Arabic official language
72. The eldest son of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was
73. The Zakhraf is a Surah of the Holy Quran. It means
74. Al-Aruba was the name of before Islam
75. Hazrat Sameea (RA) became the first martyr lady of Islam is
76. The number of `Nafili namaz is
77. Ushr means
78. Which important night falls in Ramazan?
79. Which important ghazwah was fought in the very first Ramazan?
80. There are __________ types of Hajj.
81. A coulomb is the same as:
82. The induced current in a conductor depends upon:
83. Permanent magnets can be made from
84. Which is a metal?
85. The famous book 'Al-Qaroon' was written by the Muslim Scientist:
86. Which part of our body is directly affected by the pneumonia?
87. The Science of getting exact copies of desired living organisms, genes or molecules is:
88. Echo of Big Bang can he heard in the form of
89. The minimum number of bits required to store hexadecimal number AF is:
90. The composition of sun is 90% Hydrogen and Helium and Heavy metals ratio is
91. Asthma is provoked by
92. Gall bladder is part of
93. Chemical name of Table salt is:
94. CFC stands for
95. Which number should come next in the series: 25, 24, 22, 19, 15
96. Equilibrium state is one in which:
97. Ammonia is a base, because it
99. What is the value of -26 - (-37)?
100. Which acid forms NaNO3?