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1. Which country is situated below the sea level?
2. In Pakistan, the largest share of electricity comes from the source of:
3. Which of the following gases is mainly causing global warming?
4. Which of the historical monuments was built in 1642 AD:
5 US inventor Martin Cooper invented "Mobile Phone" in:
6. The world's largest natural gas deposits are in:
7. The lowest point on earth is:
8. The headquarters of International Environmental Organization "Green Peace" are situated at:
9. The oldest among the seven wonders of wort was:
10. The world's largest desert is:
11. "Asmara" is the capital of:
12. In the modern world, the office of 'Ombudsman' was first created in:
13. In chronological order, which of the following personalities come first:
14. "Alexandria" is the seaport of:
15. The largest among the following is:
16. How many times Pakistan has been elected a non-permanent member of UN Security Council:
17. Tea plant was first grown in:
18. 'Tagus' is the seaport of:
19. Which planet has the largest number of satellites?
20. The world's largest glacier is:
21. The discovery of Radium in 1998, led to the invention of
22. The world's oldest National Anthem is of:
23. The world's oldest written language is: ,
24. The world's largest mammal is:
25. The world's longest mountain range is:
26. Point X is in the north of point Y is east of point Z, to which direction is point X with respect to Z:
27. 'Dragon air' is an airline of:
28. Which one is not the official language of United Nations:
29. A great traveler 'Ibne Batuta' belonged to:
30. The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by the people of:
31. Which is lightest of all these gases:
32. Which of the following Mughal Emperor was born at Lahore in 1592:
33. The length of Pak-Afghan border (Durand Line) is:
34. Population wise; Pakistan's position in the world is:
35. Baluchistan was given the status of province in:
36. The command and staff college of Pakistan army is situated at:
37. Florence Nightingale is renowned for:
38 Which is the largest river in the world?
39. Theory of Evolution' was presented by:
40. Pablo Picasso is considered to be a great:
41. The 'sun' is mainly composed of:
42. Who was the first Muslim king of India:
43. 'Mossad' is the Intelligence agency of:
44. Liaqat Ali Khan joined all India Muslim league as a member in:
45. The Government of India Act 1935, divided the country into:
46. In the Provincial Elections of 1937. all India Muslim league won largest number of seats in the
47. Identify the secretary of state for India who led the cabinet mission in 1946:
48 Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah joined all India Muslim league in
49. Congress launched "Quit India Movement" against the British Government in:
50. In the interim government of 1946, the health minister was:
51. After Sir Agha Khan, the next president of All India Muslim League was.
52. The Hindus had launched "Swadeshi Movement" (to boycott English made goods) in the wake of:
53. The British parliament passed Indian Independence Act on:
54. A carton contains 10 boxes, each box containing one dozen cubes. How many box cartons are needed to fill 960 cubes?
55. In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were successful. The total number of students who appeared in the exam were:
56. The number, whose 3% is 60, is:
57. Which number will come next 2, 5, 8, 11, 14
58. 40 men can do work in 50 days. How long it will take 25 men to do the work?
59. The original price of a gift pack is Rs.80. A discount of 15% is allowed in shop. What is the sale price?
60. A cyclist covers 660 feet in 66 seconds. How many yards will he cover in the same time?
61. Which of the following is smallest fraction?
62. Find the number whose square root is twice its cube root.
63. A boy ranks thirteen in class of twenty six What is his rank from the last?
64. There is a limit ___________________ everything in life.
65. Aslam has given_____________________ smoking completely.
66. You ought to abide __________________ this decision.
67. The jug is full _______________________ milk.
68. He is fully content __________________ his life.
69. He is not eligible______________________ this post.
70. Infringe: (SYNONYMS)
71. Zest: (SYNONYMS)
72. Insipid: (SYNONYMS)
73. Rescind: (SYNONYMS)
74. Tacit: (SYNONYMS)
75 Garb: (SYNONYMS)
76. The total number of jails in Punjab* are:
77. The largest jail in Punjab by inmates is the central jail:
78. Administration of Prisons is the provincial subject and came under the administrative control of:
79. Which of the following jails was constructed in 1854:
80. Juvenile prisoner is who has not attained the age of:
81. Who is the first person to use zero?
82. Who introduced the point system in mathematics?
83. Which Muslim scientist proved that the velocity of light is more than the velocity of sound?
84. Which Muslim Scientist invented the branch of Mathematics, "Logarithm"?
85. Who is called the Pioneer of Chemistry?
86. The Punjab prison department was established in:
87. Which is the oldest jail?
88. What is the time of Execution of death sentences?