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1 Who is the President of Egypt?
2. When did the British return Hong Kong to China?
3. Find the relationship: "Zoo is to Animals as Aquarium is to:
4. Creation of exact copy of a single gene, cell or organism is called?
5. Babar Azam is famous in the field of:
6. Which of the following is a term used for the process of transferring documents and graphics from your computer to a server on the internet?
7. SAARC was established in:
8. Burhan Wani was a:
9. Where is the city of Aleppo located?
10. Choose the correct analogy from the options: "Odometer is to mileage as compass is to
11. Computer Network is:
12. Al Khawarzmi, the great Muslim genius, is best known for his work in the field of:
13. Which of the following is a data communication system within a building or between nearby building?
14. Leap years are years with:
15. Who wrote the famous book "Ahya-e-Uloom-ud-deen"?
16. Where was the centre of Fatimid Caliphate first located?
17. Choose the correct analogy from the options: "Pride is to lion as shoal is to"
18. If a machine makes 3 yards of cloth in 2 minutes, how many yards of cloth will the machine make in 50 minutes?
19. Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 has been awarded to:
20. The last Census of Pakistan was held in:
21. Who was the ruler of state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947?
22. Cocci, Bacillus, Spirillum and Vibrio are example of:
23. A Picture is worth a _______________ words. Complete the proverb.
24. Select the pair of words that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. Hospital : Healing
25. The first dry port in Pakistan was built in Lahore in:
26. Don't count your ________________ before they are hatched. Complete the proverb.
27. Choose the most appropriate antonym of PRISTINE.
28. Panama Canal connects:
29. Who is the youngest person* in Pakistan to receive Nishan-i-Haider?
30. _______________ is made of glass or plastic and transmits signals in the form of light
31. Ms. Arfa Kareem is famous in the field of:
32. What is Ireland's currency called?
33. India-Pakistan Treaty for Indus Waters was signed in:
34. What is an Isthmus?
35. Republic of Djibouti is located along which Sea?
36. The first lady Prime Minister of Britain was
37. Akihito is the Emperor of which country?
38. Who will be the next Secretary General c: United Nations?
39 Mass of human brain is:
40. Choose the most appropriate synonym of PARITY:
41. Next Summer Olympic Games will be held in __________________ in 2020.
42 A drowning man will clutch at a_________________ Complete the proverb.
43 A is 2 years older than B, B is twice as old as C, if total ages of A, B and C is 27 then how old is B?
44. Choose the most appropriate antonym of VILIFY:
45. Don't put all your _________________ in one basket. Complete the proverb.
46. Choose the most appropriate synonym of CALLIGRAPHY:
47. Which country has the highest number of glaciers outside of the Arctic region?
48. The smallest planet in our Solar System is
49. Arthur Ashe is a legend of which sport?
50. Which of the following involves reducing the electricity consumed or environmental waste generated when using computers?
51. Choose the most appropriate antonym of EXTROVERT:
52. Choose the most appropriate synonym of DENIGRATE:
53. How many yellow stars are there on the Chinese flag?
54. The currency of Nigeria is called:
55 Choose the most appropriate antonym of OBSOLESCENT
56. Iraq came under Muslim rule during the reign of:
57. Among whom was the Meesaq-e-Madina concluded?
58. A father is twice as old as his son 20 years ago the age of the father was 12 times the age of the son. The present age of the father is:
59. Which word does not belong to the others?
60. Kremlin is the headquarters of the government of:
61. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) had how many children?
62. Famous Tiananmen Square is located in?
63. Recently the longest reigning monarch in the world passed away. He was the king of which country?
64. A sum of Rs. 1360 has been divided among A,B and C. A gets 2/3 of what B gets and B gets 1/4 of what C gets. B's share in Rupees:
65. Richter scale measures.
66. Choose the most appropriate antonym of CELIBATE:
67. A. H Kardar is famous in the field of.
68. Hajjaj bin Yousaf demanded compensation for looted ships from which ruler of Sindh?
69. Find the odd one out: 13, 41, 43, 47, 53, 61 71, 73, 81*
70. Lala Lajpat Rai was a famous Punjabi leader associated with;
71. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali lies buried in:
72. This is _________________ the year of the Hijri Era.
73. Meesaq-e-Madinah was signed in:
74. Yaum-e-Takbeer is celebrated every year on:
75. Choose the most appropriate synonym of FULSOME:
76. Who is the current Governor of Baluchistan Province?
77. Ms. Naseem Hameed is famous in the field of:
78. All weathers are caused by:
79. Who invented the modern thermometer?
80. Ostrich and Kiwi are examples of:
81. Mansoor Rahi is famous in the field of:
82. Where is the Sahaabi Ayub Ansari (R.A), buried?
83. A webpage has a unique address called?
84. Which of the following is agreed upon format for transmitting data between two devices?
85. Which is the only district bordering all four provinces of Pakistan?