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1. The News agency of Egypt is called
2. Silicon Valley is famous for:
3. What is the Nationality of Pope Francis of Vatican?
4. Kigali is the capital of
5. River Nile flows mainly through_________________.
6. Which of the given countries, _________________is not Scandinavian country?
7. Email consist of two parts one is username and other is_________________?
8. Which country has the largest Muslim population in the world?
9. D. Hyperlink Shortcut key is:
10. Carbon credits introduced in:
11. PAEC stands for _______________?
12. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has its headquarters at
13. Human Rights Organization 'Human Rights Watch' is based in:
14. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court is_________________?
15. The first Chairman of senate was:
16. Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. Which other medal for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army?
17. Who succeeded President Zia-ul-Haq as the President of Pakistan?
18. Muhammad ali Bogra was succeeded by________________?
19. Partition of Bengal took place in 1905 under the supervision of
20. On which river Mangla Dam is built?
21. Guantanamo Bay, an American Naval Base is in.
22. Afridi once made the fastest ODI century in just _______________?
23. The term Butterfly Storke is associated with which of the following sports?
24. In which year first FIFA World Cup was held in?
25. The first Muslim who got Nobel Prize
26. One Unit Bill was passed in Year?
27. China got more gold medals in Asian Games_______________?
28. Viceroy term is made for used in year______________?
29. Fill in the blank: She ran ____________him into the courtyard?
30. Which of the following protects our body against disease?
31. Hydrophobia is a symptom of which of the following disease?
32. "Tooth decay" due to the cause of
33. Who was the care taker Prime Minister in 2018?
34. Amnesia is related to:
35. Kazakhstan is the largest_______________?
36. What category of web-based system would you assign to discussion groups?
37. Mujadid Alaf Sani belong to_______________?
38. The pass which connects Pakistan with China is known as:
39. The Wakhan corridor separates Pakistan from:
40. Which device is required for internet connection?
41. The Act which is base of current Acts of India and Pakistan?
42. Less than one per cent of Earth's water is fresh water but the oceans contain_____________per cent of the Earth's water.
43. A computer on internet is identified by its:
44. Docx is the extension of which of the following?
45. In Microsoft Power Point two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are?
46. To access directly font dialogue box in PowerPoint which shortcut key used?
47. The First session of All India Muslim League was held at:
48. The All India Muslim League was founded in 1906 in:
49. 6th Hearts Asia conference held in India 2016________________?
50. Acid rain contains high levels of:
51. Embedded Formula in MS EXCEL can be removed by pressing:
52. The most abundant element in the universe is:
53. In MS Word one can undo last actions using which key
54. Paleontology is study of
55. International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on:
56. The scout movement was started by Sir Robert Baden-Powell in: -
57. Famous Novel "A Tale of Two Cities" was written by:
58. Aristotle was the teacher of:
59. Who wrote 'A Brief History of Time'?
60. The largest Cricket Stadium of the world in terms of sitting capacity is:
61. Which of the following animals is depicted In the logo of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)?
62. 'Nippon' is stock exchange market of:
63. CPEC connected Gwadar to city of china______________?
64. Total number of round table conference held in London?
65. "Nanga Parbat" is the famous mountain Peak of:
66. Siachin Glacier lengths approximately _______________?
67. Who became the first black president of South Africa, his party was banned in 1961 and he was given life imprisonment?
68. The FBI is a government agency belonging to:
69. In for a penny, in for a
70. Motto of Red Cross is:
71. Who was not a member of the 1st Cabinet of Pakistan?
72. How many feathers are fixed in the base shuttlecock with respect to badminton game?
73. Which short cut key is used to insert a new slide in power point presentation?
74. Bagram Air base is in
75. What is the length of badminton court for single competition?
76. The last King of Afghanistan was:
77. The war of Independence started at:
78. 'Amazon' is a best example of _________________site.
79. Current Secretary-General of UN belongs to
80. Famous city of Turkey
81. Genoa is in?
82. Capital of Bosnia?
83. President of Cuba?
84. Excel is a:
85. In 1787, the original constitution of U.S.A was drafted at a Constitutional Convention held at:
86. The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wire is known as
87. EIGE of EU relates to:
88 Great Barrier Reef is in
89. North Korea changes its time due to?
90. Convert to Indirect form: She said "Go upstairs".
91. This work is______________his capacity
92. This merchant deals ______________silk goods
93. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him________________?
94. Fill in the Blank: "His voice gets on my ________________.
95. The English poet who died in his young age:
96. When you insert a picture into a document, the default text wrapping option is:
97. Name the new book, of Hillary Clinton released in 2014:
98. Sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure_________________.
99. Australian called?
100:Ashes Cup' of cricket is played between:

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