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1. At the time of Independence (1947). which nas the biggest city of Paicstan (Population mite)?
2. The 1st head of the WM svhe viseed Pakistan after the independence was:
3 The founder of "Khaksar Tehrik" was:
4. To whom Lord Mountbatten succeeded as Governor General of India?
5. The only Vice President in the history of Pakistan was:
6. Pakistan hosted the 2nd Islamic Summit in
7 "Trillion" stands for
8. "India Wins Freedom" was written by
9 Who was the first female Prime Minister: .
10. -Majlis" is the Parliament of
11. Abdullah Hussain is a famous Urdu
12. In which year Pakistan won the T-20 Cricket World Cup?
13. "Heathrow International Airport" is in
14 Before the 1st World War; which country used to be called the "Sick Man of Europe"?
15. Which of the following items is a source of "protains"?
16. Alexandar invaded India in:
17. The Pakistan Poet who was awarded "Lenin Prize" by the USSR; was R
18. Which is the highest forex-earner for Pakistan out of following commodities?
19. The Capital of Morocco is
20. Which is the National Flower of Pakistan?
21. During Bush Junior's presidency; Dick Cheney was America's:
22. "Davis Cup" is associated with:
23. "Shakira" is famous for:
24. Amercians have planned to exit from Afghanistan in;
25. "Myanmar" is the new name of:
26. "Think and Grow Rich" was written by:
27. The H.Q. of the International Court of Justice is at
28. Which of the following is a Human Rights Organization?
29. Pakistan purchased Gawader from.
30. Captain Cook' was a famous:
31. "People's Republic of China" was founded in:
32. A movie on Quaid-e-Azam's life titled "JINNAH" was produced by
33. "KGB" is the intelligence Agency of:
34. The "Bala Hissar" Fort is situated in which city:
35. "Homer" was a great poet of ancient:
36. Who caused the Communist Revolution of Russia in 1917?
37. "Param Vir Chakra" is the hihgest military award of:
38. "Formusa" is the old name of:
39. The currency of Australia is:
40. "Accra" is the capital of:
41. The "Law of Gravitation" was discovered by:
42. "Meteorology" is the Science of:
43. Pakistan's largest Industry is:
44. "Hyde Park" London is renowned for
45. "Union Jack" is the flag of which country?
46. The World's tallest building is:
47. In sequence of American Presidents. Abraham Lincoln stands at which number?
48. King Abdullah bin Hussain is the ruler of:
49. In terms of population which is the biggest continent out of the following:
50. Last FIFA World Cup was won by:
51. General Abdul Fateh-al-Sisi is
52. Which country celebrated 60th anniversary "War Victory" against the U.S on 27th Jui'y 2013?
53. Joe Biden is
54. The Punjab Govt and China Powzr International Holding (CPIH) have signed MOU for setting up four coal power plants at
55. Aung San Suu Kyi is
56. How many articles are essential to believe in for a Muslim?
57. "Usher" means:
58. Minimum Usherworthy production in case of well-irrigated land is
59. "Zabur" (Psalms) was revealed upon:
60. Which 'Surah" was the first to be revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad?
61. Which is the longest Surah in the Holy Quran?
62. The Holy Quran was first transiated
63. How many years of his life, the Holy Prophet Muhammad spent in Mecca?
64. As per Islamic vocabulary, "FIQHA" means:
65. "INFAQ" is:
66 The highest number of "Ahadith" was narrated by:
67 The last month of the Islamic Calendar is
68. The Battle of Badr was fought in:
69. Al-Razi was a great:
70. The last Ummayyad Caliph was
71. The constitutioan reforms introduced in British India in the year 1909 are generally referred as:
72. How many Round Table Conferences were held in London to resolve the Hind-Muslim differences?
73. Mr. Jinnah presented his 14-Points in March 1929, in Muslim League's session held at:
74. Since Independence, the first object of Pakistan's foreign policy have been:
75. The first pact which Pakistan signed with America was:
76. The Second Five-Year Plan was implemented during:
77. In 1960, which pact/treaty was signed by Pakistan?
78. The book titled From Jinnah to Zia" was written by
79. Russia withdrew from the Afghanistan under the:
80. Which International dignity has recently offered mediation between Pakistan and India on Kashmir?
81 "Animosity' is most opposite to.
82 A person who looks at the brighter side of things is an/a.
83 Famous character "David Copped.Id" was the creation of:
84 Which word is wrongly spelt in the following:
85. To point the finger of scorn to someone is to treat him with:
86. Charles Dicken's novel "Tale of the two Cities" has been written in the background of:
87. 'To carry the day" means:
88. Who is a "proletarian"?
89 To be green-eyed means to be
90. The antonym of clear is:

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