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The length of Pak-Afghan border (Durand Line) is:
Population wise; Pakistan's position in the world is:
The number of districts in the Punjab province is:
Who was the first non-British Governor of the Punjab?
Baluchistan was given the status of province in:
Apart from Senate and National Assembly; which one out of the following, is another component of Pakistan's parliament?
The number of High Courts in Pakistan is:
The Command and Staff College of Pakistan army is situated at:
How many amendments have been made in the Constitution of 1973 up till now?
Hanna Lake is located in:
The Urban-Rural population ratio in Pakistan is:
Which is the most important mineral of Pakistan; in terms of its reserves?
Which one out of the following is not a folk dance?
The most widely spoken language in Pakistan -- is:
Masjid Mahabat Khan is located at:
Which one out of the following is not a 'daily'?
Who introduced 'Doctrine of Lapse' in India (1848).
Florence Nightingale is renowned for?
World War-I was fought during:
Which country became independent on July 4, 1776?
Which Mughal king was buried in Kabul?
Westminster Abbey: where English Kings and Queens are coroneted, is basically a/an:
What is the estimated age of the Universe?
Which is the second largest Ocean after Pacific?
In which range, Mount Everest is located?
Parallel divides:
Tripoli is the capital of:
'Taka' is the currency of:
Canada is located in:
Egyptian city Aswan is famous for:
The headquarters of the League of Nations (LoN) was at
Which one out of the following is not a principal organ of the U.N.O.?
The headquarters of European Union is at
Dr. Henry Kissinger served as America's Secretary of State during the presidency of:
Crust' is earth's
The coldest place in the world is:
Who invented 'revolver'?
How many bones are there in the body of a new born baby?
Which out of the following is a main organ of sense?
Drugs that calm nervous system and prevent worry, tension etc. are called:
Tooth decay indicates deficiency of
Anything that occupies space and possesses weight is called:
To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction' is Newton's:
'Study of Insects' is termed as:
Which of the following was principally responsible for the Communist Revolution of Russia in 1917?
Sigmund Freud is known for his work in the field of:
The Muslims conquered Palestine during the caliphate of:
Who replaced Lord Mountbatten as Governor General of India?
During interim government of India, prior to partition, which Muslim League leader served as Finance Minister?
After Karachi and Lahore, which is the biggest city of, Pakistan, in term of population? b
Which out of the following is not a Kharif Crop?
Pakistan's share in global export is:
'Lisbon' is the capital of:
Which the largest river in the world?
Who is the foreign minister of Pakistan?
'Theory of Evolution' was presented by:
Which philosopher formally put together the basic ideas of constitutional democracy for the 1st time?
The only twentieth century American President who was assassinated is:
Martin Luther is famous for:
Pablo Picasso is considered to he a great
Which prize is awarded annually on December 10 each year for outstanding works in various fields?
The most populous city of the world is
The 'sun' is mainly composed of:
Post mortem examination of organs or tissues of a dead body is called:
Laissez-Faire' means:
Charles Dickens' was:
Sir Creek' is an issue between:
Before its independence, Singapore was part of:
Who was the first Muslim King of India?
Which was the capital of Umayyad Empire?
The Headquarters of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in:
Who led Muslim forces during conquest of Egypt?
'Mossad' is the intelligence agency of:
Australia was discovered by:
The UNO was set up in:-
A share or portion of an estate held by one land-owner or jointly by two or more land owners is:
Which of the following is not defined in the Land Revenue Act of 1967?
There are how many classes of Revenue Officers as per section-7 of Land Revenue Act?
Which out of the following is not a 'village officer'?
Which register/ document is mandatory for a patrol to maintain?
Who can direct to specially revise the record of rights of an estate?
The periodical record is prepared:
An enquiry or an order regarding mutation shall be made in the:
It is mandatory for the Revenue Officer to attest the mutation:
Who is empowered to make rules making records and other matters connected therewith?
A mutation fee in respect of any entry shall be payable by the person:
The actual defaulter of land revenue or the headman who represents him may be arrested and detained at tehsil office for:
Under which section of Land Revenue Act. the Collector may order attachment of defaulter's holding?
Who is authorized to define the limits of any estate, holding or field for framing any record or making assessment of revenue?
tenant having a right of occupancy in land may sublet the land fully or any part thereof for a period not more than:
The Land Revenue Rules were framed in:
'A person liable for an arrear of land revenue has been homed by 'Land Revenue Act' as:
The 'Land Revenue Act' is comprised of how many sections?
A charge upon or claim against land arising out of a private grant or contract is termed as:
Which chapter of 'Land Revenue Act' deals with the assessment of land revenue?
Within how many days, a land-owner may present a petition to the Revenue Officer for a reconsideration of the amount, form or conditions of the assessment of revenue?
On which of the following reasons; a Lambardar cannot be dismissed?
Which section of 'Land Revenue Act' deals with preparation of computerized records?
Which document out of the following is not part of Periodical Record'?

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