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1. The headquarters* of BRICS is located at.
2. The planet nearest to the earth is:
3. Light year is the
4. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the
5 What are cyclones?
6. The largest river of Asia is
7. Which metal is most abundantly found on earth's surface?
8. The world's highest waterfall, the Angel Falls is situated in
9. The earth moves from
10. 'Middle East' group of countries includes
11. Kangaroo is the national emblem of
12. Qantas airlines belongs to
13. Who among the following is the inventor of a system of writing and printing for the blind:
14. Martin Luther King was a
15. Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?
16. The term 'Butter fly' in sports is associated with
17. Swaythling Cup is associated with
18. Football (soccer) is said to have originated in
19. Which sport returned to Olympics in 1988 after 64 years?
20. The Nobel Prize for Economics was introduced in
21. Which country awards the Nobel Prize?
22. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
23. Who discovered circulation of blood in the human body?
24. The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to
25. Logarithm tables were invented by
26. Who defined the law of gravitation?
27. Zero was invented by?
28. The Velocity of light was first measured by
29. Velocity of sound is maximum in:
30. The best conductor of electricity is
31. Food is normally digested in the
32. Which of the following vitamins can be stored in the liver?
33. How many bones are there in a newly born infant?
34. The salt range lies on the west bank of river.
35. "Chagai" a place where Pakistan conducted its nuclear explosions is situated in the mountainous range of
36. The Soan and the Haro are two rivers of:
37. What do you understand by the term "Judicial Activism" in Pakistan:
38. "Sui" a place known for the largest reserves ci natural gas is in:
39. "Warsak Dam" has been built on the river:
40. The "Shandur Pass" at the height of 12.206 feet connects:
41. Pakistan's highest mountain peak ”K located in the:
42. "Shiwalik" and "Pir Punjal" hills are part of:
43. Which mountain range divides Punjab from Baluchistan in southern extremity:
‘44. The area lying between river Beas and the Ravi is called:
45. Which part of Punjab is famous for Shisham Timber forests:
46. “Gypsum" one of the important resources of Punjab is found in:
47. The river Chenab joins river Jhelum al.
48. The largest river of Baluchistan is:
49. "Ziarart" in Baluchistan is a surrounded by the oldest and talles populatr. hill resort
50. Which one of the following oil fields was first discovered in Pakistan?
51. Which agency of the United Nations, Pakistar joined just after its creation:
52. Identify Pakistan's Indigenous "Surface to Air Missile" is:
53. The total length of Line of Control in Kashmir is about:
54. From 1971 to 1976 period, Pakistan's foreign Policy was based on: -
55. pakistan joined "Non-Aligned Movement" 55 979 at:
56. Which Princely state joined Pakistan soonest after independence:
57 The tenure of office for the services Chiefs the Armed Forces of Pakistan is:
58. India occupied certain parts of Siachin Glacie' in:
59 Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science anc Technology is situated at:
60. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (01C) 'came in to being in 1969s a result of the Incident
61. Which city is the Headquarter of Islamic Development Bank:
62. Identify the Pakistani personality who played vital role in the formation of UN Agency UNICEF?
63. Identify the site of Ghazi Brotha Dam:
64. Who is the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference in occupied Kashmir:
65. Pakistan is the member of one of the following International Organization Identify:
66. The culture centre of Ghandhara civilization was situated at:
67. "Mast Tawakali" is prominent poet of:
68. The Oldest regional language of Pakistan is:
69. Identify Sindhi poet who wrote verses in seven Languages:
70. Income of a company doubles after every one year. If the initial income was Rs. 4 Lakhs, what would be the income after 5 years?
71. The total monthly salary of 4 men and 2 women is Rs. 46000. If a women earns Rs. 500 more than a man what is the monthly salary of a women?
72. What fraction of an hour is a second?
73. 'To have an axe to grind'
74. _.`To cool one's heels'
75. 'In a Jiffy'
76. 'I am confident
77. 'I will meet him when he
78. What is the correct meaning of the following words: 'Craving
79. 'Flimsy'
80. 'Heterogeneous'
81. Identify the meaning of following words and phrases commonly used in English Language "in Camera"
82. Identify the meaning of following words and phrases commonly used in English Language "per se"

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