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1. In which of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist?
2. The Politics is considered as the first book on the art of government, identify the author:-
3. Thomas Cup is given for the game of:-
4. The Nobel Prize for Peace is given in the city of:-
5. Identify the world's largest Peninsula :-
6. What is the length-of Great Wall of China?
7. Which is the largest gland in the human body?
8. Who is the founder of Scout Movement ?
9. International Date Line is located on.-
10. The first Pakistani who became the judge of International Court of Justice was:-
11. The UN Security Council consists of.-
12. The Suez Canal connects:-
13. The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is at –
14. Which Strait separates India from Sn Lanka?
15. The Digital Computer operates on:-
16. Identify Software in Computer technology:-
17. Disarmament conveys the meaning:-
18. The number of chromosomes present in a man, including the two (X&Y), which determine the sex of an organism are:-
19. An ordinance promulgated by the President of Pakistan stands repealed at the expiration of:-
20. No person shall be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan unless he has been a judge of a High Court for a period of:-
21. What is the function of Internet?
22. What do you understand by the term "Kerb" in foreign currency dealings? I
23. In Pakistan, Ushr began to be collected from the—
24. Identify Pakistan's standpoint on Fissile Material Cut off Treaty (FMCT)
25. After the dissolution of Soviet Union, three of its nuclear weapons states have signed Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Identify them from the following:
26. Which of the following reno-wned Greek political philosopher has written in his famous book 'The Republic' that 'Justice is the interest of the stronger party?
27. A group or chain of islands is called:-
28. Indicate the correct answer INVENTION INVENTOR
29. The famous book on Ushr entitled 'Kitab al-Kharac was written by.-
30. Under the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance. 1999, a person who commits the offence of corruption shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to –
31. Christopher Columbus was-
32. Itar-Tess' is a news agrr
33. Which of the following faction wants to retain " British rule in the Northern Ireland?
34. The book entitled The Punjab Chiefs' was written by:-
35. Cr. P.C. stands for:-
36. The 'Bofors Scandal' occurred in:-
37. What is Cathy Pacific ?
38. Moro Islamic Liberation Front is struggling for independence in:-
39. According to 19. Amendment judges of the high courts and Supreme Court shall be appoint. by?
40. According to 190 Amendment judicial commission shall comprise?
41. West Indies consists on how many islands?
42. RAW is the secret agency of:
43. GB is the secret agency of
44. CIA is the secret agency of
45. MI 6 is the name of secret agency Its headquarters is located ini
46. LEKEM is the secret accind,
47. Name two planets lying between the sun and the earth.
48. The biggest planet is.
49. Which planet is known as watery planet?
50. These are cooler areas which move about on the sun's surface and show Lip as dark spots
51. What is the rank of the earth in the solar system in terms of size?
52. The earth revolves around the sun at a speed of:
53. The theory that refers to an explosion about 15 billion years ago, which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the Universe, is
54. Which one of the following planets contains the 'Great Red Spot'?
55. A light year is equal to:
56. Which planet is the least dense?
57. Dr. Nazrul Islam is the national poet of.
58. What is the currency of Jamaica?
59. When the Indian Muslim League was inducted into the interim government in 1946. Liaqat All Khan was assigned the portfolio of
60. What are the official languages of the U N 0 5
61. Which one of the following elements is essential for the construction of nuclear reactors?
62. The largest peninsula in the world is:
63. Cuba is an island of:
64. Find the average of 2a, 3a, 4a, 6a, 11a, 13a?
65. Find the average of 4a, - 4a, 8a, - 8a?
66. Find the average of
67. Find the average of 2x, 6x, 8x. 10x, 12x? •
76. Brevity pays in debate
77. The Border Security Force intercepted yesterday a thick carrying arrns and ammunition
78. His style is quite transparent
79. He gave an expeditious reply,
80. He does not know how to hatband his resources.
81. Your present statement has allayed my fears.
82. If you don't care for the blemishes of his style, you will find that the writer has a powerful message to convey.
88. GLUT
91. The wife fainted away, lamenting the death of her husband.
92. He made an exhaustive list of the items his secretary should attend to.
93. His urbane attitude won him many friends.
94. I can't understand him: he is really a queer fellow.
95. His books are well known for their progressive ideas.
96. His attitude is very hostile
97. Tolerance is the essence of religion.

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