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1. He has the reputation being a good teacher
2. The District Police Officer is invested magisterial powers
3. He is blind one eye
4 I have been serving in Gomal University fifteen years
5. The children were entrusted the care of their uncle
6. Darkness was the cause his losing his way
7. I am not concerned his affairs
8. She wondered whether it be true
9. He complains headache.
10 We are writing school assignment black ink.
11 She has two children ner first husband.
12 cell phones do not cause cancer
13. You can compare my copy the original.
14. They have a dispute money.
15. We should comply the rules and regulations of the organization.
16. Our words should be consistent our actions
17. They live about from here
18. She couldn't • a moustache to the photo of his headmaster in the newspaper
19 Either my husband or my brother will volunteer time for the project.
20 Why do you object to he will be an asset to the company?
21. How many are provinces in India
22 Indian P.M Nirandra Modi according to Hindu caste system is
23 Who currently heads Indian Held Kashmir as Chief Minister
24. Who was Pakistan army chief at the time of 1965 war
25. When the first adult based elections held in Pakistan
26. Mangla dam constructed on River Jhelum is to the help of World Bank is located in
27. Operation Rad-ul-Farad started under Chief of Army
28. Indian elections 2019 are going to bet held in
29. When international peace day is celebrated
30. In Indian History Indian Muslims migrated to Afghanistan in
31. Long sighted person is corrected in the lens
32. Physiology is study of
34. Which US president visited Pakistan first
35. Who is father of astronomy
36. US president has set dead line for US forces with draw from Afghanistan.
37. Maximum Nobel prize are with
38. Pakistan is going to start a mega dam on
39. Supersonic missiles are built by
40. What is name of Amir-Qatar
41. Which chain of hills is located is Sindh
42. Liquat Ali Khan was a minister is
43. UK and USA are separated by
45. In Delhi proposal Quaid-e-Azam fore go
46. Ayub Khan election symbol was
47. Deosai Park is located is
48. Pakistan day is observed on
49. Decimal system was introduced in Pakistan is
50. Simla agreement was signed is
51. How many times Hazrat Ayyub (peace be upon hint) mentioned in the Holy Duran?
52. How many stages are in the Holy Quran
53. 'How old was Hazrat Yousaf (peace be upon him) at the time of migration to Egypt?
54. How many basic sources are of Fiqah?
55. What is called the seven times walks around the Kaaba?
56. How many Muslims did participate in the battle of Badr? .
57. Who was the first converted in Islam among woman?
58. At trupZil)yv:rnst business
59 Hazrat Umar (RA) was born in:
60 The six authentic books of hadiths are called
61 The approximation in which original length is very smell as compared to final stretched length is.
62 The shortest wavelength for audible sound is
63 A wire has a resistance of 6 ohm It is cut into two parts and both the halves are connected in parallel. The new resistance is
64. By which process both salt and Water will be recovered from common salt solution?
65. Which one of the following elements the drum of a Photostat machine is made up of
66. The force exerted by a uniform electric field on a dipole is
67 In how many National and Provincial Constituencies by electiOns were held on 15th October 2018
68. How many woman candidates made it to the National Assembly through the direct .General Elections 2018?
69. What was the voter turnout in General Elections 2018?
70. The Range of Missile Half-7 is:
71. Who is the current Advisor to Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity?
72. Who is the current Federal Minister of Petroleum Division?
73 Ibn-e-Kuldun belongs to
74. Which is smallest in diameter
75. Aorta is an organ of a
76. Histology is study of
77. Best source of Potassium is
78. Lactic Acid la in
79. Oxygen was discovered in
80. Our eye is sensitive to
81. 254 x ? = 95504
82. 2567 + 17 • 3 = ? + 180
84. If = y", y = ab, z= x`. then abc = ?
85. 8^3 8^2 . 8^5 =
87." If a2. 2 = 1 where a is a positive real number other than 1, then x = ?
88. The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 37" and that of Tuesday to Thursday was 34". If the temperature on Thursday was 415 of that of Monday, then what was the temperature on Thursday?
89. A train moves with a speed of 30 krn;hr for 12 minutes and for next 8 minutes at a speed of 45 km/hr. The average speed of the train is
90.. 16% of a number is 216. What is 27% of that number?
91. The suer and product of two numbers are 12 and 35 respectively the suer of their reciprocals will be
92 The length of a rectangular plot is 4 -1 times 2 that of its breadth. If the area of the plot Is 200m', then what is its length?
93. A rectangular carpet has an area of 120 square meters and perimeter of 46m. The length of its diagonal is.
94. A rectangular courtyard 3 78m long and 5.25m broad is to be paved exactly with square tiles. all of the some size the minimum number of such tiles is
95 The perimeter of a floor of a room is 18m What is the area of f6ur walls of the room, if height is 3,m? (A) 21 re`
96. let A = [anj be n square matrix, if a, = 0 for all j = 1, 2, 3, n, then the matrix A is:
97. The centroid of a triangle LMN with vertices L(1, 1, 1). M(3, 3, 3), N(5, 5, 5) is the point
99. The work done by a force F=i+j+k ins moving an object from a *point p(1,1,1) to the point Q(1,2,2) is
100 The moment about a point p(0, 0, 01 of the force F = 21 - ) k applied at Q(1, 1, 1) is