PPSC Past Paper Anti-Terrorism Court 2016

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Welcome to your Past Paper Anti-Terrorism Court

1. How many seats dLd the first constituent assembly of Pakistan have'?
2. Who among the following was the first chief Minister of West Pakistan?
3. Leo Tolstoy was a:
4. Who among the following authors is the author of "The Prince"?
5. When was Sindh separated from Bombay
6. The Government of India Act 1935 was passed in Aug 1935. When was the act enforced?
7. How many medals did Michael Phelpjs win in 2016 Olympics?
8. The statue of Christ the redeemer is present in
9. Which among the following countries is the capital of italy?
10. Which country among the following countries, won the most gold medals in 2016 Olympics?
11. The Colosseum an oval amphitheater, is present in the center of
12. What was the objective of Non.Aligned Movement?
13. Which country $ inducted, as 8th (latest) member of SAARC?
14. A car left Lahore at 7:12 am and arrived in Multan, 180 miles distant at 10:57 am. What was its average speed in miles per hour?
16. Synonym of Abortive:
17. Synonym of Zealot:
18. Change the voice: "Were they chasing the thieves?"
19. Which is the correct sentence?
20. Synonym of Acumen:
21. Choose the correct preposition: I am well acquainted _ her family
22. Meaning of Modus Vivendi
23. ________of feather flock, together.
24. Meaning of Oncein a blue moon:
25. Lee Kwan Yee was the founder of which nation'?
26. VGA stands for:
27. ATM stands for:
28. The amount of pressure in the arteries during the contraction of heart muscle is called:
29. F1, F2 t0 F12 these keys are called:
31. Which of the following terms is known as half- byte?
32. What does Boot means in computing language?
33. Silicon Valley, famous for its technological advancements, is in which US State?
34. Embedded Formula in MS EXCEL can be removed by pressing:
35. Which key is used to move at the end of a paragraph?
36. Who among the following scientists invented Dynamite?
37. Who is the current chairman of Council of lslamic ideology?
38. Who among the following is the current president of Turkey?
39. Which among the following birds is the world's largest?
40. What is the process in which nucleus of an atom splits into lighter nuclei?
41. What was the slogan of French Revolution?
42. What is numerical equivalent of Roman Language's C:
43. At the time of Sub Continent's independence who among the following was the PM of Great Britain?
44. Which dam of Iraq is known as Dangerous dam of the World?
45. Takht-e-Bahi is an archaeological site of an ancient Buddhist monastery. Where is it located?
46. Wakhan corridor is located in which direction?
47. Marco Polo was an Italian
48. Which lake was created in January 2010 by a landslide?
49. Which among the following is called K Paradise?
50. Which Caliph added 2nd Aazan for Friday Prayers?
51. Idi Amin was a military officer and President of which country?
52. Who among the following prophets 'is called Adam-e-Sani?
53. What was the name of first civil war in Islam?
54. Who among the following personalities was the commander of Infidels in the Battle of Uhud?
55. Pakistan has been ranked in the world by International Federation of Volleyball
56. G.T road was built by Sher Shah Suri. It is the abbreviation of:
57. Which among the following is the most World champion of Hockey?
58. Kyat” is the currency of which country?
59. Taklamakan Desert is located in which country?
60. Which fort is the biggest fort of Pakistan?
61. “Vande Matram”, a Bengali poem, was written by:
62. Which Muslim country is smallest in the world?
63. Commonwealth of Nations is an organization of members that are mostly former territories of British Empire. Which continent has the most number of commonwealth members?
64. Shah Wali Ullah was born to Shah Abdur Rahim, during the reign of which Mughal Emperor?
65. 2017 US-Arab summit was held in which city?
66. Margalla Hills, a hill range, is a part of which mountain range?
67. Where is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank?
68. Famous physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla invented which of the following:
69. Medulla Oblongata is part of:
70. Meteorology is a branch of science which includes study of:
71. Which bone is the longest and strongest of all?
72. Junagadh was a princely British state whose Nawab acceded to the Dominion of Pakistan. Now Junagadh is a city in:
73. The title of Saif Utah was given to
74. What was the name of the commission which was formed after the debacle of East Pakistan?
75. Sulah Hudabiyah was referred to as in Quran
76. Who was the last Governor General and first President of Pakistan?
77. Indus Water Treaty, a water apportionment accord between India and Pakistan, was brokered by?
78. Indus Water treaty was signed during the epoch of:
79. Which organization among the following has no Headquarters?
80. Zia ul Haq declared Martial Law on 5 July 1977 and dissolved the parliament under article
81. Who among the following leaders of Congress signed the Lucknow pact in 1916?
82. Mohamad El Baradei, former chairman of International Atomic energy Agency, was belonged to:
83. A plot is sold for Rs. 18,700 with a loss of 15%. At what price it should be sold to get profit of 1.5%.
84. If perpendicular of a triangle is 20 and base is 12 then its area is
85. Find the value of x:
86. Complete the series 6,11, 21, 36, 56:
87. 30 % of 100 is equal to 3% of which digit?
88. Complete the series. 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 256, ___________

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