ANF Constable English Practice Test 2

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Welcome to your ANF Constable English Practice Test 2

1. Ayesha was writing aletter to her father.
2. He teaches us Grammar.
3. Do you imitate others?
4. I saw him conducting the rehearsal.
5. Have the box broken.
6. His pocket has beenpicked.
7. The French surrendered Quebec to the English in 1759.
8. Someone gave her a bull dog.
9. A Stone struck me on the hend.
10. You must look into this matter.
11. The Romans expected to conquer Carthage.
12. Rain disrupted the last day's play between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
13. My uncle promised me a present.
14. Sri Lanka grows tea.
15. He was arrested on a charge of theft, but for lack of evidence he was released.
16. Please help me.
17. The residents celebrated the Independence Day.
18. I know him.
19. They are building a house next door to our school
20. One should keep one's promise.
21. Who is creating this mess?
22. The clown was being laughed at by then
23. I saw him leaving the house.
24. A lion may be helped even by a little mouse.
25. Who taught her such things?
26. The noise of the traffic kept me awake.
27. I remember my sister taking me to the museum.
28. Why do you waste time?
29. Who teaches you English?
30. We hope that we shall win the match.
31. Somebody told me that there had been an explosion to me Town Hall.
32. It is time to ring the bell.
33. After driving Zafar to the museum she dropped him at his hotel.
34. You will have finished this work by tomorrow.
35. People claim to have seen the suspect in several cities.
36. The teacher punished the boys who had not done their homework.

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