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1. Which of the following is the largest fort of Pakistan.
2. Sir Syed advised Muslims to stay away from Congress because:
3. What is the name of the Arab country Mars Mission in Arabic?
4. Pyongyang is a city of
6. Ten Commandments bestowed to which prophet?
7. Osmosis:
8. Complete the number series: 1, 2, 2, 5, 3, 8, ________________
9. _________ river is also known as Mother of Rivers
10. Four People shared a taxi to the airport. The fare was Rs.40 and they gave the driver a tin 30% of the fare. If they equally shared the cost of fare and tip how much did each person pay?
11. In MS Word 2016, ________ is not available in Font Spacing.
12. What is NASA stand for?
13. Metre is the unit of:
14. Name the crop sown on the largest area of Pakistan.
15. Who is the newly appointed Prime Minister of France in 2020?
16. The enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of fats is:
17. If all the plants of the world die, all the animals will also die due to shortage of:
18. The famous Moti Masjid built in 1635 is located in:
19. Euphrates is a long river flowing through Syria, Turkey and _____________
20. The last Umayyad Caliph was:
21. In which hijri Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) performed hajj?
22. Which of the following river flows through Germany?
23. How many main Sufi orders were established in India for the spread of Islam?
24. TURN TO PASSIVE VOICE: "The girl is riding the horse"
25. President of the newly elected UN 75th General assembly is?
26. Which of the following is an American brand?
27. Who said that? "VIRTUE IS KNOWLEDGE"?
28. Complete the series: 1, 1, 8, 4, 27, _____________
29. What was the name of the Maharaja who reportedly signed the Instrument of Accession of Kashmir to India?
30. Change the Voice of the following sentence: Was she sewing my shirt"?
31. When did the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) perform "Hajjat-ul-Wada" (The Last Pilgrimage):-
32. The total number of Articles in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 are:
33. The 'Next Eleven' countries are eleven countries including Pakistan that have been identified as having the potential of:
34. Many programmers call writing the software program:
35. The name of cover of Kaaba is _____________?
36. Adobe flash" is an example of:
37. When did Pakistan recognize China?
38. The first phase of the systems development life cycle is:
39. Incisors, Canines, Pre-Molars, and Molars are
40. Which of the following according Quran is an unpardonable sin:
41. Form Wizard, in MS Access can build forms that can display fields from ______________ table(s).
42. The word Jihad to the Holy means:
43. Acid precipitation results from human modifications of:
44. Don't count your before they are hatched. Complete the proverb.
45. In which month Pakistan got No. 1 position in ICC Test Ranking for the first time?
46. C.S.S is abbreviation of:
47. Justice Sajjad All Shah was dismissed in 1997 by:
48. Which Muslim leader left the politics after the cancellation of the partition of Bengal?
49. What was the name of DIG Traffic who died in a suicide blast in Lahore during the year 2017?
50. Which of the following is not a function in Microsoft Excel?
51. Secondary growth of stems and roots:
52. Choose the correct antonym: Oblivion
53. Where is urystai mosque (Masjid Kristal) situated?
54. Who was the commander of the infidels in the Battle o Uhad?
55. Lagos is a famous city of:
56. Which country received the observer status of WTO in 2020?
57. Radcliff unjustly included __________ tehsils of Punjab in India.
58. Identify the closest meaning of underlined word. Only astute politicians can meet this situation.
59. In computing, which of the following connects two similar network segments?
60. lf, x - y = 6 and x + y = 16, then
61. What is the antonym of "Benign"?
62. Identify the closest meaning of underlined word. In this modern age everyone resorts to sycophancy.
63. The Wakhan Corridor located to the north of Pakistan belongs to:
64. A 130 meter long train travelling at a speed of 45 km/hour crosses a bridge in 30 seconds. What is the length of the bridge?
65. The task force established by Pakistan Ni to defend CPEC is called:
66. Who was the first Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army?
67. In a class of 33, the boys outnumber the girls by Seven. How many girls are there?
68. 22 March is observed internationally as
69. When table salt NaCI is added to water?
70. If the highest four digit number is subtracted from the lowest five digit, what will be resultant figure?
71. Mr. A.0 Hume, on whose initiative the Indian National Congress was formed, was:
72. Who is the author of republic?
73. A compact disc that can be written, read many times, erased and written again is called:
74. The European Union launched its currency "EURO" Bank Notes & Coins as a public currency on:
75. Which of the following country is situated on Equator?
76. Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed was awarded Nishan-e-Haider for his acts of bravery arc valour during the:
77. Sub-Saharan Africa is, geographically, the area of Africa that lies of the Sahara.
78. √44225 = ?
79. Which of the following fractions has smallest value.
80. Which program is run by BIOS to check hardware components are working properly while computer Is turned ON?
81. ______________ is an elevated portion of the land with some summit area.
82. Who is the current Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology?
83. The percentage of oxygen in the atmospheric air is approximately:
84. A hockey team won 6 games and lost 8. What is the ratio of wins to number of games?
85. The capital city of Brazil is:
86. Change the narration: I said to my son, "You are sure to top the list of the successful candidates".
87. Find the correct indirect sentence: Nazir said, "I did my duty with full justice."
88. Convert to direction from: He said, "Hurrah! We have won the match".
89. Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called ____________ keys.
90. What is the name of the founder of Zoom video conferencing app?