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1. Who was the first Muslim king of India?
2. Last recipient of Nishan-e-Haider was
3. In which Window Version the Option 'My Computer introduced?
4. "Tooth decay" due to the deficiency of
5. !di Amin Was the president of
6. Kofi Annan belongs to which country?
7. Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
8. Who was the emperor from 1658 to 1707?
9. Shawal is the _________________ month of Islamic Year?
10 Who presented the theory "Survival of Fittest"?
11. Donald Trump belongs to which party?
12. Capital of New Zealand is:
13. Currency of Bhutan is
14. Neelam valley is in:
15. Hazrat Usman belongs to which tribe?
16. Simon commission suggested the separation of
17. Surah Nhl means
18. When was the plan of five years presented?
19. Which county has longest coastline?
20. Nanotechnology refers to
21. Joseph Titu belongs to
22. Choreography refers to:
23. Lee Kyan Kuan Yew was the first prime Minister of
24. Capital of Democratic Republic of Korea is
25. Qantas is the air line of which country?
26. Which pass connects Chitral with Gilgit?
27. Half of a Bit is known as:
28. From where ICE hockey originated?
29. Date and time of computer changes from?
30. Angor Wat is a
31 Kinetic energy posses due to body of its:
32. Abraha was the king of which county?
33. Which countries have dispute of Cyprus island?
34. In which year Pakistan fund was established?
35. Which prophet was born after the murder of Habil by Qabeel?
36. President of turkey Rajab Tayyab fond of which game in his young age?
37. Which thing in invented by pascal?
38. In which constitution bicameralism introduced?
39. When did 1973 constitution was enforced?
40. Who was the PM after Zafar Ullah Jamali in 2004?
41. Zaboor was revealed on
42. Pakistan is located in:
43. Who discovered DNA?
44 Prime minister Ch. M Ali was succeeded by
45. What was the duration of membership of Quaid-e-Azam both in Muslim League and Congress?
46. Since which issue Iran fire 16 missile on Israel from Egyptian Camp?
47. In which year security Council increased 10 to 15?
48 Which valley is at the end of Kurram Pass?
49. Tiananmen square located in:
50. INSULIN secreted by:
51 Which Organization has no formal structure?
52, Subedar Abdul Khaliq belongs to
53. Who had written Ahya al aloom
54. Hyperlink is
55. In which civilization River Tigris and Euphrates lies
56. Selected Paragraph up key:
57. Where in Excel address of an active cell is displayed:
58. Vertical distance from Sea level is called
59. Butterfly stroke associated with
60. Ryder cup associated with
61. To which tribe Hazrat Umer (RA) belonged?
62. My father_____________________ in Frank Fort bank
63. Fill in the blank: I usually have lunch _________________ my office.
64. Fill in the blank: They said _________________ we take exercise every day.
65. Fill in the blank: Ali and I__________________ after school today, will you go with us?
66. Change voice "I had hoped" my door would lock by them but they didn't?
67. Fill in the blank: A strange man is standing________________ the door.
68. Fill in the blank: I like mangoes (change voice)
69. Fill in the blank: I sit ________________grass in the garden.
70. Fill in the blank: I did not like ____________________ mangoes.
71. Fill in the blank: Have you ridden on_______________ camel.
72. Fill in the blank: Please close_________________ window.
73. Fill in the blank: The hotel ___________________ is in center of the town is beautiful.
74. You'd better go to sleep the plane _________________ at 7:00 pm.
75. By _________letter was sent?
76. He is very good swimmer.
77. He saw his reflection in the water
78. 7 % of 42 is:
80. (-1/5) (1/5) =
81. (36: -9) = (26: -6) = ?
82. 280 -120 - (-320) + 50 = ?
83. If a man washes 8 cars in 18 minutes how many cars are washed in 3 hours.
84. Nimra by a laptop 20% discount on original price than sell on 40% So, what was the total profit on original price?
85. Who is the writer of Futuh-al-Buldan
86. Nelson Mandela was born:
87. When India stopped waters of Pakistan:
88. Who is Father of Liberalism:
89. Digestion of food started from
90. Which of the following Indian states border Pakistan?