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1. Headquarter of EU is located in:
2. 1st amendment is related to:
3. Which country is called the playground if Europe?
4. Backbiting is like to eat flesh of his dead:
5. In which country 1st round table conference was held?
6. Which Ambassador of USA died in a plane crash with Zia:
7. In which amendment Qadiani declared as non-Muslims:
8. Which game is national game of Pakistan?
9. 1st summer Olympics was held in:
10. Which is largest Ocean of the world?
11. On which camel Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) reached at Medina:
12. Kissing of Hajr-e-Aswad is called:
13. On which river Wersak Dam locates?
14. When did Pakistan became the member of WTO?
15. "Synonym of Catastrophic"
16. Antonym of "filthy" is:
17. Antonym of profane is:
18. Which one is the Capital of Somalia?
19. Telephone was invented by:
20. Where is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank?
21. In which Region Lake Victoria is located?
22. Who is the founder of Facebook?
23. Who was the first president of Muslim League?
24. Which country opposed the inclusion of Pakistan in UNO?
25. Which was the capital of West Germany?
26. Which is the second highest award of bravery of Pakistan?
27. Isaac Newton belongs to:
28. Complete the series: 2, 3, 6, 7, 11
29. Derawar fort is near:
30. When was the partition of Bengal annulled?
31. Which digit is the odd one? 8, 27, 64, 100 125, 216, 343?
32. Which viceroy of India has the shortest tenure?
33. Which Monarch heads Canada, Australia and New Zealand?
34. Rotterdam is the Seaport of:
35. How many states USA has?
36. Who was the first female Saudi Minister?
37. How many ayaats are in Surah Kasur?
38. Who was the president of Pakistan during the settlement of Pak-China disputes?
39. Who was the care taker Prime Minister in 2013?
40. Which is the recent non-Muslim member in 01C?
41. How many stanzas are m National Anthem?
42. 5005 - 5000 ± 10?
43. 1/3 + 1/6 =?
44. In which constitution of Pakistan Islam became state religion?
45. Who was the president of USA during Camp David Agreement?
46. Our immunity system is based on:
47. Which gas plants exhale during night?
48. Which area is included in Hijaz Muqadas?
49. Which country has no railway track?
50. Study of living things on other planets is called?
51. Hepatitis C is the Disease of:
52. In which year the treaty signed between Sikh of Punjab and British forces?
53. Diabetes caused duo to the deficiency of
54. Which personality associated with Rawalpindi Conspiracy case?
55. Ritzau is the news agency of:
56. Which is the highest pack of Koh-e Suleman range?
57. Whose president of USA assassinated during his office:
58. A drowning man Catches a straw.
59. A will pay fee the end of the month.
60. Sedequain was a famous:
61. Fear of bathing is called
62. In which country Trump and Kim meet?
63. Carbon credits introduced in.
64. Which Pakistani singer performed during Nobel Prize ceremony 2014?
65. Who was the first army chief of Pakistan?
66. Which key is called foot note key?
67. Clouds are scattered the sky.
68. Solder it an alloy of
69. What is the length of Praia doing Casino beach?
70. Bhikki power plant is located at:
71. Allah sent his messages towards human beings through:
72. If 30% of 126 the answer is:
73. PSD (Photoshop Document) is an example of:
74. Which mammal can fly?
75. Which is the not a power point view?
76. Which among the following have shortest tenure?
77. Gwadar is situated in:
78. Which driver used in computer?
79. To change one row to column and one color -to row is called?
80. Koh-e-sultan has a big deposit of
81. A person who is unable to pay Zakat is called?
82. An aero plane takes off from Lahore and sun is i at the right of pilot. It takes immediate left turn after take-off and after a half mile it takes another step left and settle itself towards its destination. In which direction plane is flying?
83. I am so with my class that I want to quit.
84. Largest district of Punjab is:
85. To open a template in word first goes to file and then:

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