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1. Which key on the keyboard can be used to slide show?
2. Which one is Hypertext language?
3. Another name for free software to:
4. Which of the Mowing is not used to access the web?
5. A computer on network is identified by its _______________.
6. Which of the following is correct option for sending same letter to multiple persons?
8. "Reuters" is the famous news agency of:
9. Which programme is generally used in chitecular design?
10. In MS Word. "Delete" key delete letters from the ___________________ side of curser.
11. What lets you to create new presentation by selecting ready-made font color and graphics affects in PowerPoint?
12. In recitation of Holy Quran, there are how many occasions when Sajdah (Prostration) is obligatory for the Muslim:
13. Which of the following is not a function in Microsoft Excel?
14. When an Excel workbook is linked to a Word document:
15._______________ users can open MS Excel 2016 file at the same time.
16. Which one of the following areas in Pakistan is known for largest Iron ore deposits?
17. In MS Word 2016, to extend a selection to adjacent cells of the table:
18. When were Hiroshima and Nagasaki hit by atom bombs?
19. When you delete a text box object from a slide in PowrPoint Presentation:
20. Complete the Proverb: "Make hay while the ________________ shines."
21. Roger Federer is a famous player of:
22. Which is a volatile memory?
23. Which is the longest river of Pakistan?
24. Which Angel is appointed for providing Food?
25. Who is the current Secretary General of SAARC?
27. __________________ occurs when a person sends a message (or many messages) with angry or antagonistic content.
29. Common methods of Internet access by users include:
30. Ayat Al Kursi is part of which Surah in the Holy Quran?
31. In MS Excel 2016, zoom level of a page can only be:c
32. Find the correct indirect sentence: Majid said, "It may rain tomorrow."
33. In MS Word, what is the function of CTRL + R?
34. Who won the 50-Over Men's Cricket World Cup in 2015?
35. Dead Sea is located in:
36. What fraction of a cake remains when 3/8 of the cake has been eaten?
37. Which of the following methods can not be used to enter data in MS Excel cell:
38. All replied E-mails are stored in a_______________ folder
39. When two people collaborate on an online document at the same time, they are collaborating
40. Binary system is comprised of the values 1 & 0, where 0 means:
41. If I am sixth in a queue from either end. How many people are there in the queue?
42. ______________ is a silicon chip which carries out set of instructions and processes the data efficiently and accurately.
43. The first Network is called:
44. "Yaum-e-Takbeer" in Pakistan is celebrated on:
45. Harappa is a city in Punjab about 24 km south west of
46. The file type _________________ indicates the file is a word document
47. Which of the following country is situated on Equator?
48. The famous Adam's Peak, which is venerated by Christians, Muslims. Buddhists and Hindus, is located in:
49. Which generation computers used transistors?
50. Paint programs keep track of every __________________ placed on the screen.
52.Which of the following is Mozilla Firefox?
53. From the following personalities indicate the one who has represented Pakistan at the United Nation Representative:
54. Ronaldo is a Brazilian retired professional player of ___________________
55. Which part of the computer is called ''brain of the computer"?
56. Which one of the following powerful computer?
57. In Microsoft Excel the Intersection of columns and rows is called a:
58. In computing, MB stands for:
59. Harare is the capital of
60. When was the first session of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan held?
61. Headquarters of World Trade Organization is located in:
62. Fill in the blank: "Aslam is senior _______________ me."
63. The smallest memory unit of computer is:
64. What is an isthmus?
65. DOS cannot retrieve any data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts its:
66. 1, 9, 25, 49,________ , 121.
67. What is unsolicited bulk e-mail known as?
68. The first woman to fly to Space was:
69. The _________________ program compresses large files into a smaller file:
76. Muslim League delegation at Simla Conference included:
77. When typing character search criteria, Excel matches fields based on:
78. Which one of the following is not a search engine?
79. Change the narration: He said to me. "Keep quiet and listen to me."
80. The police force was first set up to maintain law and order in the Islamic state during the Caliphate of:
81. ROM stands for:
82. Of the following which one is a military alliance?
83. The largest ocean of the world is:
84. Who is the current speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh?
85. Who is the youngest person in Pakistan to receive Nishan-i-Haider?
86. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled Punjab for:
87. An alloy consisting of mainly Tin and Lead is called:
88. In PowerPoint, the difference between Slide Design and Auto Content Wizard is:
89. Who is the current Chief Justice of Pakistan?
90. Karakoram Highway starts in Pakistan from:
91. Microsoft office is a type of?
92. Arrangement of data in a logical sequence is known as:
93. Who is the current Minister of Human Rights in Pakistan?
94. Electrons were discovered by _____________________.
95. In MS Office Ctrl + G is shortcut to:
96. "First Pakistan Olympic Games" were inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam at: