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1. "Mintaka Pass" is located on the boundary line of:
2. The shortest key for undo is
3. Fill in the blank: He appealed ________________ the court for mercy.
4. Ganga Plane was burnt by a Kashmiri Mujahid at the Airport of
5. Iraq occupied Kuwait in:
6. Why do we laugh?
7. FATA merger bill was passed in assembly:
8. Fish breathe through:
9. What is the meaning of the idiom "A wet blanket"?
10. Which is the biggest?
11. How many times, the word 'Qul' has been repeated in the Holy Quran?
12. The political parties Act was passed by Ayub Government in:
13. Dot-matrix is a type of:
14. Which of the following countries is famous with the name of "Land of fertile fields"?
15. If 40--'30% of a number, what is the number 15
16. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, liked the tree most?
17. The personality selected for "Man of the 20th Century" was:
18. The name of poet whose collection of poetry is called "Shah Jo Risalu"?
19 Fill in the blank: He ___________ his shoes till shone.
20. The color of the first flag in the history of Islam was:
21. "Venerate" means:
22. What number comes in the series: 3, 8, 15, 24....?
23. Who gave the title of "Shair-e-Mashriq" to Allama Muhammad lqbal?
24 The Master of Hazrat Bilal (R.A) during embracing Islam was:
25. A and B do a job together in two hours. If A completes the job alone in 5 hours, how long will it take B to complete the job?
26. "Condone" means:
27. Splitting of the moon occurred in:
28. Shahid Afridi, famous cricketer of Pakistan, was a ___________ bowler?
29. Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shakar died in:
30. If you borrow an amount of 300 Rs for one month, the borrower charged 6 Rs. The rate of interest is:
31. What was the name of foster sister of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)?
32 Sales Tax is ultimately paid by the:
33 Laws about marriage are given in which surah?
34. "Kabadi" is the traditional game of :
35. "Towards Pakistan" is written by:
36. Oldest City of Pakistan is:
37. If there is no mulberry trees, there would be no?
38. "KANUPP" is located near:
39. Deleted items are kept in:
40. Cursor on the screen can be moved by
41. Real name of Raja Sahib of Mahmudabad is?
42. Which Country's Army Chief was shot dead during a failed coup attempt?
43. "To hit the nail on the head" means:
44. A clear sky is blue because:
45. CPU is an example of:
46. The size of the earth was first measured by:
47. "Daman-e-Koh" is located in:
48. Name the Mughal Emperors who left a legacy of magnificent mosques, palaces, forts and gardens embellished with luxurious and delicate decorations?
49 To which prophet did Jews call the son Allah:
50. When was Eiffel Tower built in Paris:
51. Choose the correct Antonym of "Stringent"?
52. Why does a dog hang its tongue out?
53. Multan metro bus project funded by
54. The Olympic flame was lit for the first time at the Amsterdam stadium in:
55. Choose the correct spelling:
56. According to the Holy Quran the best drink is:
57. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in
58. Nadir Shah King of Persia conquered Dehli in
59. Which of the following country was the runner up of the World Cup Hockey Tournament of 1975?
60. Which is the only Snake that builds a nest?
61. Which Sport is added 1st time in 2020 Olympic?
62. The oldest news agency in the world is: 6,-
63. The No.1 Tennis player (Men) is:
64. The first Asian Country to legalize seme sex marriage:
65. The current Prime Minister of Italy:
66. "Mardan" is known for the industry of:
67. China's city "Lhasa" is known as
68. Silicon Gulf, a nickname for Davao City and region in Southern Mindanao:
69 Find the annual income derived from Rs.2500, 8% stock at 106:
70. Which number will come next: 5, 3, 6, 2, 7 1.
71. Antonym of the word "OBSOLETE"?
72. The ratio of two numbers a and b is 3:5. If 2 is added to both the numbers, the ratio becomes 2:3. Find b?
73. What is the name for a webpage address?
74. Which nation was destroyed by stone rain?
75. A small high speed memory insides CPU is:
76. In MS Windows key Fl is mostly used for:
77. Idiom "A slap on the wrist" means:
78. Among the women, after Hazrat Khadija (R.A), who embraced Islam?
79. The European Union's working capital is in
80. Name the scientist who first of all did some experiments with gravity? Laws of Gravitation came much later.
81. Who discovered that plants have life?
82. Beri-Berl is a deficiency disease caused by an unbalanced diet low in:
83. A firm buys goods on credit, which document does the firm use to record this?
84. Fill in the blank: We see_____________ a box at opera.
85. Which of the following keys is used to repeat the last action?
86. Mark the meaning of idiomatic phrase: "The Alpha and Omega"?
87. An average human breathes how many times in a day?
88. Shut down option is available on:
89. Change the voice: "Has he taken the examination"
90. Meaning of the phrase "to pass by"?